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Kevin Edward Craig Meyers, M.B., B.Ch

Kevin Edward Craig Meyers, M.B., B.Ch

faculty photo
Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Nephrology, Department of Pediatrics
3401 Civic Center Boulevard
1st Floor Main Building - Room 1E15
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215 590 4155
Fax: 215 590 3705
M.B., B.Ch
University of the Witwatersrand (cum laude), 1983.
S.A. (Pediatrics)
South African College of Medicine and University of the Witwatersrand, 1989.
D.T.M. & H
University of the Witwatersrand (cum laude), 1991.
MD (Medicine)
ECFMG 0-494-158-9, 1993.
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Selected Publications

Azukaitis K, Simkova E, Mjid MA, Galiano M, Benz K, Amann K, Bockmeyer C, Gajjar R, Meyers KE, Cheong HI, Lange-Speradio B, Jungraithmayr T, Fremeaux-Bacchi V, Bergmann C, Bereczki C, Miklaszewska M, Csuka D, Prohaszka Z, GipsonP, Sampson MG, Lemaire M, Schafer F: The Phenotypic Spectrum of Nephropathies Associated with Mutations in Diacylglycerol Kinase. J Am Soc Nephrol May 2017 Notes: Epub ahead of print pii: ASN.2017010031.di:10.1681/ASN.2017010031.

Savant JD, Betoko A, Meyers KE, Mitsnefes M, Flynn JT, Townsend RR, Greenbaum LA, Dart A, Warady B, Furth SL: Vascular Stiffness in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease. Hypertension 69(5): 863-869, May 2017 Notes: doi: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.116.07653. Epub 2017 Apr 3.

Hawkes CP, Li D, Hakonarson H, Meyers KE, Thummel K, Levine MA: CYP3A4 Induction by Rifampin: An Alternative Pathway for Vitamin D Inactivation in Patients with CYP24A1 Mutations. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism March 2017 Notes: Epub ahead of print doi: 10.1210/jc.2016-4048.

Azukaitis K, Simkova E, Majid A, Galiano M, Benz K, Amman K, Bockmeyer C, Gajjar A, Meyers KE, Il Cheong H, Lange-Sperandio B, Jungraithmayr MT, Fremeaux-Bacchi V, Bergmann C, Bereczki C, Miklasewska M, Csuka D, Prohaszka Z, Sampson M, Lemaire m, Schaefer F: The Phenotypic Spectrum of DGKE Nephropathy. Nephropathy Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 2017 Notes: In Press.

Komers R, Gipson DS, Nelson P, Adler S, Srivastava T, Derebail V, Meyers KEC, Pergola P, MacNally ME, Hunt JL, Shih A, Trachtman H.: Efficacy and Safety of Sparsentan Compared with Irbesartan in patients with primary Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis: Randomized, Controlled Trial Design (DUET). Kidney International Reports 2017 Notes: In Press

Sethna CB, Meyers KE, Mariani LH, Psoter KJ, Gadegbeku CA, Bigson KL, Srivastava T, Kretzler M, Brady TM: Blood Pressure and Visit-to-Visit Blood Pressure variability among Individuals with Primary Proteinuric Glomerulopathes. Hypertension 2017 Notes: in Press May 2017.

Basiaga ML, Burrows EK, Denburg MR, Meyers KE, Grossman AB, Mamula P, Grundmeier RW, Burnham JM: Variation in Preventive Care in Children Receiving Chronic Glucocorticoid Therapy. Journal of Pediatrics 179: 226-232, Dec 2016.

Ruebner RL, Ng D, Mitsnefes M, Foster BJ, Meyers KE, Warady B, Furth SL: Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Girls and Boys With CKD. Clin Jour of the Am Soc of Neph 11(11): 1962-68, Nov 2016.

Moodalbail DG, Apple LZ, Meyers KE, Ginsberg JP, Kaplan BS and Bellah R.: Acquired Multiple Cysts of the Kidney in Neuroblastoma Survivors. American Journal of Kidney Disease 68(1): 134-7, July 2016.

Lemley K, Faul C, Schramm K, Meyers KEC, Kaskel F, Dell K, Gipson D, Gibson K and Trachtman H: The effect of a gluten-free diet in children with difficult-to-manage nephrotic syndrome. Pediatrics 138(1): e20154528, July 2016.

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