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Emily A. Blumberg, MD

Emily A. Blumberg, MD

faculty photo
Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
3 Silverstein, Suite E
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
A.B. (History)
Princeton University, 1977.
New York University, 1981.
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Description of Research Expertise

Infections in transplant recipients, Transplantation in HIV infected patients, Antiviral therapies in transplant recipients, Donor derived infections

Description of Clinical Expertise

infections in transplant recipients

Selected Publications

Richterman A, Blumberg EA: The Challenges and Promise of HIV-Infected Donors for Solid Organ Transplantation. Current infectious disease reports 17(4): 471, Apr 2015.

Sawinski Deirdre, Forde Kimberly A, Eddinger Kevin, Troxel Andrea B, Blumberg Emily, Tebas Pablo, Abt Peter L, Bloom Roy D: Superior outcomes in HIV-positive kidney transplant patients compared with HCV-infected or HIV/HCV-coinfected recipients. Kidney international Mar 2015.

Singh N, Sifri CD, Silveira FP, Miller R, Gregg KS, Huprikar S, Lease ED, Zimmer A, Dummer JS, Spak CW, Koval C, Banach DB, Shroff M, Le J, Ostrander D, Avery R, Eid A, Razonable RR, Montero J, Blumberg EA, Alynbiawi A, Morris MI, Randall HB, Alangaden G, Tessier J, Wagener MM, Sun HY: Cryptococcosis in Patients With Cirrhosis of the Liver and Posttransplant Outcomes. Transplantation Mar 2015.

Green M, Covington S, Blumberg EA: Understanding the risk of donor-derived infections in pediatric transplantation: the time is now. Pediatric transplantation 19(1): 8-10, Feb 2015.

Mezochow AK, Henry R, Blumberg EA, Kotton CN. Transfusion : Transfusion Transmitted Infections in Solid Organ Transplantation American Journal of Transplantation 15: 547-54, 2015.

Ticehurst E, Blumberg E, Vyas F, Olthoff K, Shaked A, Bruno S, Butcavage K, Knight E, Smith G, Gill S: Etanercept for Graft versus Host Disease Following Liver Transplantation American Transplant Congress 2015.

Huprikar S, Danziger-Isakov L, Ahn J, Naugler S, Blumberg E, Avery RK, Koval C, Lease ED, Pillai, A, Doucette KE, Levitsky J, Morris MI, Lu K, McDermott JK, Mone T, Orlowski JP, Dadhania DM, Abbott K, Horslen S, Laskin BL, Mougdil A, Venkat VL,Korenblat K, Kumar V, Grossi P, Bloom RD, Kotton CN, Kumar D : Solid Organ Transplantation from Hepatitis B Virus-Positive Donors: Consensus Guidelines for Recipient Management. American Journal of Transplantation 15: 1162-72, 2015.

Suryaprasad A, Basavaraju SV, Hocevar SN, Theodoropoulos N, Zuckerman RA; Hayden T, Forbi J, Pegues D, Levine M, Martin SI, Kuehnert MJ, Blumberg EA: Transmission of Hepatitis C Virus from Organ Donors Despite Nucleic Acid Test Screening. American Journal of Transplantation 2015.

Richterman A, Sawinski D, Reese PP, Lee DH, Clauss H, Hasz RD, Thomasson A, Goldberg D, Abt PL, Forde KA, Doll S, Brady KA, Blumberg EA: An assessment of HIV patients dying in care for deceased organ donation in a US urban center American Journal of Transplantation 2015.

Roland ME, Barin B, Huprikar S, Wong M, Blumberg E, Simon D, Ragni M, Stablein D, Stock P and the HIVTR Study Group : Survival in HIV-Positive Transplant Recipients Compared to Matched Registry Controls. CROI 2015.

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