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Phillip Mucksavage,

Phillip Mucksavage

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology in Surgery
Department: Surgery

Contact information
Division of Urology
Pennsylvania Hospital
299 South 8th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
University of Pennsylvania (Summa cum Laude), 2000.
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (Alpha Omega Alpha), 2004.
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Selected Publications

Pietzak Eugene J, Kabarriti Abdo E, Mucksavage Phillip, Bavaria Thomas, Van Arsdalen Keith, Malkowicz S Bruce, Wein Alan J, Guzzo Thomas J: The presence of high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia or atypia on prostate biopsy does not adversely affect prostatectomy outcomes for patients otherwise eligible for active surveillance. Urology 84(6): 1442-7, Dec 2014.

Pietzak Eugene J, Resnick Matthew J, Mucksavage Philip, Van Arsdalen Keith, Wein Alan J, Malkowicz S Bruce, Guzzo Thomas J: Multiple repeat prostate biopsies and the detection of clinically insignificant cancer in men with large prostates. Urology 84(2): 380-5, Aug 2014.

Hockenberry MS, Smith ZL, Mucksavage P. : A novel use of near-infrared fluorescence imaging during robotic surgery without contrast agents. [Case Report] Journal of Endourology 28(5): 509-512, May 2014.

Ziemba J, Mucksavage P.: Nephrolithiasis. Penn Clinical Manual of Urology, 2d Edition. Hanno PM, Guzzo TJ, Malkowicz SB, Wein AJ. (eds.). Philadelphia: Elsevier, Page: 211-230, 2014 Notes: Chap. 8.

Sterling M, Ziemba J, Mucksavage P.: Acute management of symptomatic nephrolithiasis. World Journal of Clinical Urology 2014.

Sehgal S, Mucksavage P.: "Laparoscopic surgical anatomy, laparoscopy, and robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery.” Penn Clinical Manual of Urology, 2d Edition. Hanno PM, Guzzo TJ, Malkowicz SB, Wein AJ. (eds.). Philadelphia: Elsevier, Page: 616-638, 2014.

Graversen J, Helmy M, Khan F, Kaplan A, Abdelshehid C, Mucksavage P, Lusch A, Landman J.: Genitourinary ultrasound. Surgical and Interventional Ultrasound. Schrope B. (eds.). New York: McGraw Hill, Page: 163-181, 2014.

Kathrins Martin, Caesar Scott, Mucksavage Phillip, Guzzo Thomas: Renal mass size: concordance between pathology and radiology. Current opinion in urology 23(5): 389-93, Sep 2013.

Lee Jason Y, Mucksavage Phillip, McDougall Elspeth M: Surgical skills acquisition among left-handed trainees-true inferiority or unfair assessment: a preliminary study. Journal of surgical education 70(2): 237-42, Mar-Apr 2013.

Sohn William, Clayman Ralph V, Lee Jason Y, Cohen Allen, Mucksavage Phillip: Low-dose and standard computed tomography scans yield equivalent stone measurements. Urology 81(2): 231-4, Feb 2013.

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