Martin Pring, Ph.D.

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Emeritus Associate Professor of Physiology
Department: Physiology

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B-400 Richards Building
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6085
Oxford University, England, 1963.
Oxford University, England, 1966.
Oxford University, England, 1966.
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Selected Publications

Yang C., Huang M., DeBiasio J., Pring M., Joyce M., Miki H., Takenawa T., Zigmond SH.: Profilin enhances Cdc42-induced nucleation of actin polymerization. Journal of Cell Biology 150(5): 1001-12, Sep 4 2000.

Zigmond SH., Joyce M., Yang C., Brown K., Huang M., Pring M.: Mechanism of Cdc42-induced actin polymerization in neutrophil extracts. Journal of Cell Biology 142(4): 1001-12, Aug 24 1998.

Fleischmann BK., Wang YX., Pring M., Kotlikoff MI.: Voltage-dependent calcium currents and cytosolic calcium in equine airway myocytes. Journal of Physiology 492 ( Pt 2): 347-58, Apr 15 1996.

Tardif M., Huang S., Redmond T., Safer D., Pring M., Zigmond SH.: Actin polymerization induced by GTP gamma S in permeabilized neutrophils is induced and maintained by free barbed ends. Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(47): 28075-83, Nov 24 1995.

Weber A., Pennise CR., Pring M.: DNase I increases the rate constant of depolymerization at the pointed (-) end of actin filaments. Biochemistry 33(16): 4780-6, Apr 26 1994.

Weber A., Nachmias VT., Pennise CR., Pring M., Safer D.: Interaction of thymosin beta 4 with muscle and platelet actin: implications for actin sequestration in resting platelets. Biochemistry 31(27): 6179-85, Jul 14 1992.

Pring M., Weber A., Bubb MR.: Profilin-actin complexes directly elongate actin filaments at the barbed end. Biochemistry 31(6): 1827-36, Feb 18 1992.

Weber A., Pring M., Lin SL., Bryan J.: Role of the N- and C-terminal actin-binding domains of gelsolin in barbed filament end capping. Biochemistry 30(38): 9327-34, Sep 24 1991.

Baron CB., Pring M., Coburn RF.: Inositol lipid turnover and compartmentation in canine trachealis smooth muscle. American Journal of Physiology 256(2 Pt 1): C375-83, Feb 1989.

Lesh MD., Pring M., Spear JF.: Cellular uncoupling can unmask dispersion of action potential duration in ventricular myocardium. A computer modeling study. Circulation Research 65(5): 1426-40, Nov 1989.

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