Mark P. Johnson, M.D.

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Professor of Surgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Surgery

Contact information
Department of Surgery
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard
5th Floor, Wood Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-590-2747
B.A. (Biology, Chemistry)
Concordia College, Moorhead, MN , 1976.
M.S. (Medical Genetics, Pathology)
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1980.
University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN , 1984.
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Selected Publications

Victoria Teresa, Bebbington Michael W, Danzer Enrico, Flake Alan W, Johnson Mark P, Dinan David, Adzick N Scott, Hedrick Holly L: Use of magnetic resonance imaging in prenatal prognosis of the fetus with isolated left congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Prenatal Diagnosis 32(8): 715-23, Aug 2012.

Laje Pablo, Johnson Mark P, Howell Lori J, Bebbington Michael W, Hedrick Holly L, Flake Alan W, Adzick N Scott: Ex utero intrapartum treatment in the management of giant cervical teratomas. Journal of Pediatric Surgery 47(6): 1208-16, Jun 2012.

Bebbington Michael W, Danzer Enrico, Moldenhauer Julie, Khalek Nahla, Johnson Mark P: Radio Frequency Ablation vs. Bipolar Umbilical Cord Coagulation in the Management of Complex Monochorionic Pregnancies. Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology Feb 2012.

Danzer Enrico, Johnson Mark P, Adzick N Scott: Fetal surgery for myelomeningocele: progress and perspectives. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 54(1): 8-14, Jan 2012.

Danzer Enrico, Victoria Teresa, Bebbington Michael W, Siegle Jennifer, Rintoul Natalie E, Johnson Mark P, Flake Alan W, Adzick N Scott, Hedrick Holly L: Fetal MRI-calculated total lung volumes in the prediction of short-term outcome in giant omphalocele: preliminary findings. Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy 31(4): 248-53, 2012.

Danzer Enrico, Gerdes Marsha, Bebbington Michael W, Koh Jamie, Adzick Scott N, Johnson Mark P: Fetal myelomeningocele surgery: preschool functional status using the Functional Independence Measure for children (WeeFIM). Child's Nervous System 27(7): 1083-8, Jul 2011.

Bebbington Michael W, Danzer Enrico, Johnson Mark P, Adzick N Scott: Open Fetal Surgery for Myelomeningocele. Prenatal Diagnosis 31(7): 689-94, Jul 2011.

Roybal Jessica L, Moldenhauer Julie S, Khalek Nahla, Bebbington Michael W, Johnson Mark P, Hedrick Holly L, Adzick N Scott, Flake Alan W: Early delivery as an alternative management strategy for selected high-risk fetal sacrococcygeal teratomas. Journal of Pediatric Surgery 46(7): 1325-32, Jul 2011.

Danzer E, Ernst LM, Rintoul NE, Johnson MP, Adzick NS, Flake AW: In utero meconium passage in fetuses and newborns with myelomeningocele. Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics 3(2): 141-6, Feb 2009.

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