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Kevin Ross Hardy, MD

Kevin Ross Hardy, MD

faculty photo
Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Department: Emergency Medicine

Contact information
Hyperbaric Medicine
#40 John Morgan Building
3620 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6068
Office: 215-898-9095
Fax: 215-573-7037
B.S. (Natural Sciences and Mathematics)
Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, 1980.
M.D. (Medicine)
Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA, 1984.
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Description of Research Expertise

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinical Trials

Description of Clinical Expertise

Hyperbaric Medicine
Diving Medicine

Selected Publications

Thom SR, Bennett M, Banham ND, Chin W, Blake DF, Rosen A, Pollock NW, Madden D, Barak O, Marroni A, Balestra C, Germonpre P, Pieri M, Cialoni D, Le PN, Logue C, Lambert D, Hardy KR, Sward D, Yang M, Bhopale VB, Dujic Z. : Association of microparticles and neutrophil activation with decompression sickness. Journal of Applied Physiology 119(5): 427-34, September 2015.

Heyboer M 3rd, Milovanova TN, Wojcik S, Grant W, Chin M, Hardy KR, Lambert DS, Logue C, Thom SR. : CD34+/CD45-dim stem cell mobilization by hyperbaric oxygen - Changes with oxygen dosage. Stem Cell Research. Elsevier B.V. 12(3): 638-645, February 2014.

Slotman GJ, Matthews M, Fahey L, Thom S, Clark J, Hardy K: Operative Nd:YAG laser plus postoperative hyperbaric oxygen reduces surgical morbidity after radical head and neck cancer surgery and complex reconstruction. Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine 38(3): 159-165, May 2011.

Thom SR, Milovanova TN, Yang M, Bhopale VM, Sorokina EM, Uzun G, Malay DS, Troiano MA, Hardy KR, Lambert DS, Logue CJ, Margolis DJ.: Vasculogenic stem cell mobilization and wound recruitment in diabetic patients: increased cell number and intracellular regulatory protein content associated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Wound Repair and Regeneration 19(2):149-61(2): 149-61, March 2011.

Thom Stephen R, Bhopale Veena M, Milovanova Tatyana M, Hardy Kevin R, Logue Christopher J, Lambert David S, Troxel Andrea B, Ballard Kerri, Eisinger Dominic: Plasma biomarkers in carbon monoxide poisoning. Clinical Toxicology 48(1): 47-56, Jan 2010.

Yang, B.W., Milovanova, T.N., Hardy, K.R., Logue, C., McCarthy, V.P., Thom, S.R.: Stem cell mobilization in diabetics - Responses to hyperbaric oxygen. Undersea & Hyperbaric Med. 34: 235-236, 2007.

Thom SR, Bhopale VM, Han ST, Clark JM, Hardy KR: Intravascular neutrophil activation due to carbon monoxide poisoning. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 174: 1239-1248, December 2006.

Margolis, G.S., Roth, R.N., and Hardy, K.R.: The Pressure Is On: Hyperbaric oxygen treatment as an adjunct to prehospital care. Journal of Emergency Medical Services 25(5): 76-87, 2000.

Huang, E.T., Hardy, K.R., Stubbs, J.M., Lowe, R.A., and Thom, S.R.: Ventriculo-peritoneal shunt performance under hyperbaric conditions. Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine 27(4): 191-194, 2000.

Thom, S.R., Mendiguren, I., Hardy, K., Bolotin, T., Fisher, D., Nebolon, M., and Kilpatrick, L.: Functional inhibition of human neutrophil B2 integrins by hyperbaric oxygen. American Journal of Physiology (Cell Physiology) 272: C2770-C2777, 1997.

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