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Robert A. Greenstein

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Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Clinical Addition-116MHC
University and Woodland Avenues
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2158235188
Fax: 2158234040
Villanova University, 1962.
M.D. (?)
Thomas Jefferson University, 1966.
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Selected Publications

Mann, S., Gliatto, M., Campbell, E.C., Greenstein, R.A: Psychotic Disorders: Psychiatry for Primary Care Physicians. Washington, DC, American Psychiatric Press Page: 107-133, 1999.

Wadden, T.A., Bartlett, S.J., Foster, G.D., Greenstein, R.A., Wingate, B.J., Letizia, K.A., Stunkard, A.S., Conill, A: Sertraline and Relapse Prevention Training Following Treatment by Very Low Calorie Diet: A Controlled Clinical Trial. Obesity Research 3(6): 549-557, November 1995.

Greenstein, R.A., Miguel, N., Patricio, L.D., et al: Levomethadyl Acetate (LAAM): Introduction Into Europe. College on Problems of Drug Dependence, Annual Meeting, Phoenix AZ June 1995.

Greenstein, R.A., O'Brien, C.P. : Drug Free Treatment of Illicit Opioid Dependence (Naltrexone and Psychosocial Treatment), Annual Meeting. American Academy of Psychiatrists In Alcoholism and Addictions, Amelia Island, Fl December 1995.

Greenstein, R.A., McNicholas, L: Opiate Dependence. Psychiatry, Chap. 117, 1-17, Lippincott-Raven, Philadelphia, PA. Michels, R (eds.). 2, 1995.

Stone, A.M., Greenstein, R.A., Gamble, G., McLellan, T: Cocaine Use by Schizophrenic Outpatients who receive Depot Neuroleptic Medication. Hospital and Community Psychiatry 44(2): 176-177, February 1993.

Greenstein, R.A: Dual Diagnosis in Veterans: Recognition, Diagnosis and Treatment. Journal, California Alliance for the Mentally Ill 4(3): 10-11, Fall 1993.

Ciccone, P., Greenstein, R.A., Weisbrot, M: The Effects of Buspirone on Sleep, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. APA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC May 1992.

Greenstein, R.A., Fudala, P.J., O'Brien, C.P: Alternative Pharmacotherapies for Opiate Addiction. Substance Abuse: A Comprehensive Textbook, Third Edition Lowinson, Baltimore, MD, Williams and Wilkins. J., et al (eds.). Page: 562-573, 1992.

Gyulai, L., Wicklund, S.W., Greenstein, R.A., Bauer, M., Ciccone, P., Whybrow, P., Zimmerman, J., Kovachich, G., Alves, W: Measurement of Tissue Lithium Concentration by Lithium Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Patients with Bipolar Disorder. Biological Psychiatry 29: 1161-1170, 1991.

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