W. Bruce Dunkman, MD, BA

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Emeritus Associate Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Cardiology 8th Floor
University & Woodland Avenues
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 382-2400
B.A. (Chemistry)
Amherst College , 1961.
M.D. (Harvard Medical School)
Harvard University, 1965.
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Selected Publications

Outtrim RA with commentary by Dunkman WB. : Myocardial infarction associated with anorectic medication. Resident and Staff Physician 441: 71-76, November 1998.

Cohn JN, Ziesche S, Smith R, Anand I, Dunkman WB, Loeb H, Cintron G, Boden W, Baruch L, Rochin P, Loss L: The Vasodilator-Heart Failure Trial (V-HeFT) Study Group. Effect of the calcium antagonist felodipine, as supplementary vasodilator therapy in patients with chronic heart failure treated with enalapril: V-HeFT III. Circulation 96: 856-863, 1997.

Blitz LR and Dunkman WB.: Thromboembolism and antithrombotic therapy in congestive heart failure. Congestive Heart Failure 2: 24-33, 1996.

Dunkman WB and Vanden Belt RJ.: The chest X-ray in heart disease. In: Classic Teachings in Bedside Cardiology: A Tribute to W. Proctor Harvey Edited (eds.). Michael A. Chizner. Laennec Publishing. 12: 241-268, 1996.

Dunkman WB.: Thromboembolism and antithrombotic therapy in congestive heart failure. J Cardiovascular Risk 2: 107-117, 1995.

Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, : Review of book: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cardiac Catheterization. Second edition. Ann Int Med. Carl J. Pepine, James A. Hill and Charles R. Lambert, editors. (eds.). 121: 471, 1994.

Wilson JR, Mancini DM and Dunkman WB.: Exertional fatigue due to skeletal muscle dysfunction in patients with heart failure. 87:470-475, 1993. Circulation 87: 470-475, 1993.

Rector TS, Johnson G, Dunkman WB, Daniels G, Farrell L, Henrick A, Smith B and Cohn JN. : Evaluation by patients with heart failure of the effects of enalapril compared with hydralazine plus isosorbide dinitrate on quality of life – V-HeFT II. Circulation 87 (VI): VI-71 – VI-7, 1993.

Dunkman WB, Johnson GR, Carson PE, Bhat G, Farrell L and Cohn JN.: Incidence of thromboembolic events in congestive heart failure. Circulation 87(VI): VI-94 - VI-101, 1993.

Carson PE, Johnson GR, Dunkman WB, Fletcher RD, Farrell L and Cohn JN.: The influence of atrial fibrillation on prognosis in mild to moderate heart failure – The V-HeFT Studies. Circulation 87(VI): VI-102 – VI-110, 1993.

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