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Evan Scott Fieldston, MD, MBA, MSHP

Evan Scott Fieldston, MD, MBA, MSHP

faculty photo
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
3401 Civic Center Blvd.
Office Main AE22
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 267-426-2903
Fax: fieldston@email.chop.edu
Lab: 267-426-0380
A.B. (Public Policy, summa cum laude)
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, 1998.
M.D. (Medicine)
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, 2003.
M.B.A (Health Care Administration, Honors)
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 2003.
M.S. (Health Policy Research)
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, 2009.
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Description of Research Expertise

Health services research, hospital medicine, pediatrics, healthcare operations

Description of Clinical Expertise

General pediatrics, pediatric hospital medicine

Description of Other Expertise

Quality improvement, healthcare operations, healthcare finance, patient safety, reliability

Selected Publications

Boswinkel J, Agosto P, Fieldston E, Tracy E, Spraycar A, Teets J, Cieplinski J, Fahringer F, Colfer A, Switalski S, Pedicone J, Lederman V, McKetta D, Branning E, Hopkins E : Building a Culture of Situational Awareness and Safety across Hospital Clinical Operations through High Reliability, poster presentation. Institute for Healthcare Improvement Annual Meeting December 2016.

Fieldston ES, Jonas JA, Lederman VA, Zahm AJ, Xiao R, DiMichele CM, Tracy E, Kurbjun K, Tenney-Soeiro R, Geiger DL, Hogan A, Apkon M: Developing the Capacity for Rapid-Cycle Improvement at a Large Freestanding Children's Hospital. Hosp Pediatr 6(8): 441-8, August 2016 Notes: DOI:10.1542/hpeds.2015-0239.

Riley EB, Fieldston ES, Xanthopoulos MS, Beck SE, Meneloo MK, Matthews E, Marcus CL: Financial Analysis of an Intensive Pediatric Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Program Sleep 2016 (American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society), Denver, CO, poster presentation June 2016.

Jonas JA, Devon EP, Ronan JC, Ng SC, Owusu-McKenzie JY, Strausbaugh JT, Fieldston ES, Hart JK: Determining preventability of pediatric readmissions using fault tree analysis. J Hosp Med 11(5): 329-35, May 2016.

Hart J, Shelov E, Fieldston ES, Becker E, Dunn M, Ghanem H, Lamaina J, McCloskey M, McDonald J, McKnight T, Orr D, Shields S, Smith-Whitley K, Tenney-Soeiro R, Washington N: Development of an automated medical discharge criteria in Epic. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Patient Safety and Quality Day May 2016.

Sills MR, Hall M, Colvin JD, Macy ML, Cutler GJ, Bettenhausen JL, Morse RB, Auger KA, Raphael JL, Gottlieb LM, Fieldston ES, Shah SS: Association of Social Determinants With Children's Hospitals' Preventable Readmissions Performance. JAMA Pediatr 170(4): 350-8, Apr 2016.

Flaherty L, Werner R, Town R, Fieldston ES, Feingold J, Li J, Wong C: Price Transparency for Pediatric Healthcare in the United States: Still Opaque in 2015. Pediatric Academic Societies, Baltimore, MD, invited platform presentation April 2016.

Stockwell D, Fieldston E, Thomas C, McClead R: Benchmarking Patient Flow for Acute and Critically Ill Pediatric Hospitalized Patients. Pediatric Academic Societies, Baltimore, MD, poster presentation April 2016.

Jonas JA, Ronan JC, Petrie I, Fieldston ES: Description and Evaluation of an Educational Intervention on Health Care Costs and Value. Hosp Pediatr 6(2): 72-9, Feb 2016.

Zonfrillo MR, Zaniletti I, Hall M, Fieldston ES, Colvin JD, Bettenhausen JL, Macy ML, Alpern ER, Cutler GJ, Raphael JL, Morse RB, Sills MR, Shah SS: Socioeconomic Status and Hospitalization Costs for Children with Brain and Spinal Cord Injury. J Pediatr 169: 250-5, Feb 2016.

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