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Mary Ann Keenan, MD

Mary Ann Keenan, MD

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Contact information
3400 Spruce Street
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery; Two Silverstein
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-349-8695
Fax: 215-349-5890
B.A. (Biology)
University of Pennsylvania, 1971.
Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1976.
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Selected Publications

Keenan, M.A.E. and Mehta, S.: Neuro-Orthopedic Management of Shoulder Deformity and Dysfunction in Brain-Injured Patients. J. Head Trauma Rehabil. 19(2): 112-123, 2004.

Keenan, M.A.; Fuller, D.A.; Whyte, J.; Mayer, N.; Esquenazi, A. and Fidler-Sheppard, B.A.: The influence of dynamic polyelectromyography in formulating a surgical plan in treatment of spastic elbow flexion deformity. Arch. Phys. Med. Rehabil. 84(2): 291-296, 2003.

Klein, M.G.; Keenan, M.A.; Esquenazi, A.; Costello, R. and Polansky, M.: Musculoskeletal pain in polio survivors and strength-matched controls. Arch. Phys. Med. Rehabil. October 2003.

Fuller, D.A.; Keenan, M.A. and Mark, A.: Excision of Heterotopic Bone from the Knee: A functional outcome study. Clin Orthop. December 2005.

Keenan, M.A. and Waters, R.L.: Rehabilitation. Current Diagnosis and Treatment In Orthopedics, Third Edition. Skinner, H.B. (eds.). Lange Medical Books/McGraw Hill Medical Publishers, New York, NY, Page: 665-720, 2003.

Klein, M.G.; Whyte, J; Esquenazi, A; Keenan, M.A. and Costello, R.: A comparison of the effects of exercise and lifestyle modification on the resolution of overuse symptoms of the shoulder in polio survivors: A preliminary study. Arch. Phys. Med. Rehabil. 83(5): 708-13, 2002.

Palma, D.A.; Fuller, D.A. and Keenan, M.A.E.: Superficialis to profundus tendon transfer. Atlas of Hand Clinics 7(1): 153-162, 2002.

Fuller, D.A., Keenan, M.A.E., Esquenazi, A., Whyte, J., Mayer, N.H., Fidler-Sheppard, R.: The impact of instrumented gait analysis on surgical planning: treatment of spastic equinovarus deformity of the foot and ankle. Foot & Ankle Int’l. 23(8): 738-43, 2002.

Mark, A.; Keenan, M.A.; and Fuller, D.: Excision of heterotopic ossification from the knee: A functional outcome study. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2002 Proceedings 3: 652, 2002.

Keenan, M.A.E. and McDaid, P.J.: Orthopaedic Management of Spasticity. Clinical Evaluation And Management Of Spasticity. Gelber, D.A. and Jeffrey, D.R. (eds.). Humana Press, Totowa, N.J. Page: 197-255, 2002.

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