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Kha M Tran, MD

Kha M Tran, MD

faculty photo
Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Contact information
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-590-1858
Fax: 215-590-1415
BA (Biology)
Johns Hopkins University, 1995.
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2000.
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Description of Research Expertise

I am interested in anesthesia for fetal surgery. Some fetuses have developmental problems which can cause death in the middle of gestation unless corrected. Other disease processes will not cause death in utero but will interfere with successful transition to extrauterine life. This is a relatively new field, and much of anesthesia practice is based on translation of knowlege from other fields and similar (but not identical) patient populations. Much remains to be studied, characterized, and optimized to ensure optimal results for both the fetus and the mother.
I take a collaborative role in projects examining biomarkers of neurotocixity in the developing brain. I have some retrospective case series of fetal surgical patients in progress also.

Selected Publications

Rychik J, Cohen D, Tran KM, Szwast A, Natarajan S, Johnson MP, Moldenhauer J, Khalek N, Martinez-Poyer J, Flake AW, Hedrick HL, Adzick NS: The role of echocardiography in the intraoperative management of the fetus undergoing myelomeningocele repair. Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy July Epub 2014 Notes: Epub ahead of print.

Tran KM, Smiley RM, Schwartz AJ: Anesthesia for fetal surgery: Miles to go before we sleep. Anesthesiology 118(4): 772-774, April 2013.

Lin EE, Tran KM: Anesthesia for fetal surgery. Seminars in Pediatric Surgery 22(1): 50-55, Feb 2013.

Deprest J, Tran KM: Maternal complications of fetal surgery. Maternal Critical Care 2013.

Stohl S, Stohl H, Weintraub AY, Tran KM: Anesthesia for EXIT procedure. Anesthesia and the Fetus. Ginosar Y, Halpern S, Reynolds F, Weiner CP (eds.). Wiley- Blackwell, 2013.

Lin EE, Tran KM: Reducing postoperative ileus: Does the anesthetic technique matter? Journals of Clinical Anesthesia 24(6), September 2012.

Tran KM, Maxwell LG, Cohen DE, Adamson PC, Moll V, Kurth CD, Galinkin JL: Quantification of serum fentanyl concentrations from umbilical cord blood during ex utero intrapartum therapy. Anesth Analg 112(4): 1265-1267, June 2012.

Pukenas EW, Tran KM: Premature infant. Pediatric Anesthesia Practice 2012.

Lin EE, Tran KM: Anesthesia for fetal surgery. Treatment Strategies: Pediatrics 2(1): 53-56, November 2011.

Tran KM, Cohen DE: Fetal surgery. Smith's Pediatric Anesthesia, 8th Ed. Davis PJ, Cladis F, Motoyama E (eds.). Elsevier, March 2011.

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