Donald E. Campbell

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Emeritus Associate Professor CE of Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics

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Philadelphia, PA 19104
Delta State University, Cleveland, MS, 1969.
University of .Mississippi School of Medicine, Jackson, MS, 1973.
University of Mississippi, 1975.
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Selected Publications

Fang, C.Y., Miller, S.M., Mangan, C.E., Belch, R., Campbell, D.E., Douglas, S.D: The effects of avoidance on cytotoxic/suppressor T-cells in women with cervical lesions. Psycho-Oncology 2003 Notes: in press.

Kilpatrick, L.E., Lee, J.Y., Haines, K.M., Campbell, D.E., Sullivan, K.E., and Korchak, H.M: A role for delta-PKC and PI3-kinase in TNF-alpha mediated anti-apoptotic signaling in the human neutrophil. Am. J. Physiol. Cell Physiol 283: C48-57, 2002.

Hakonarson, H., Whelen, R., Leiter, J., Kim, C., Chen, M., Campbell, D., and Grunstein, M.M: T lymphocyte-mediated changes in airway smooth muscle responsiveness are attributed to induced autocrine release and actions of interleukin (IL)-5 and IL-1B. J. Allergy. Clin. Immunol 110: 624-633, 2002.

Chehimi, J., Campbell, D.E., Azzoni, L., Bacheller, D., Papasavvas, E., Jerandi, G., Mounzer, K., Kostman, J., Trinchieri, G., Montener, L.J: Persistant decreases in blood plasmacytoid dendritic cell number and function despite effective highly active antiretroviral therapy and increased blood myeloid dendritic cells in HIV-infected individuals. J. Immunol 168: 4796-4801, 2002.

Starr, S.E., Saar, M., Campbell, D.E., Wilson, C.M., and Douglas, S.D: Increased proliferation within T lymphocyte subsets of HIV-infected adolescents. AIDS Res. Human Retroviruses 18: 1301-1310, 2002.

Hakonarson, H., Kim, C., Whelan, R., Campbell, D., and Grunstein, M.M: Bi-directional activation between human airway smooth muscle cells and T lymphocytes: role in induction of altered airway responsiveness. J. Immunol 166: 293-303, 2001.

Orange, J.S., Chehimi, J., Ghavimi, D., Campbell, D., Sullivan, K.E: Decreased natural killer (NK) cell function in chronic NK lymphocytosis associated with decreased surface expression of CD11b. Clin. Immunol 99: 53-64, 2001.

Kamani, N., Kattamis, A., Carroll, A., Campbell, D., and Bunin, N: Immune reconstitution after autologous purged bone marrow transplantation in children. J. Ped. Hem. Oncol 22: 13-19, 2000.

Nissim, I., Starr, S.E., Sullivan, K.E., Campbell, D.E., Douglas, S.D., Daikhin, Y., Nissim, I., and Yudkoff, M: Rapid method for determining the rate of DNA synthesis and cellular proliferation. Anal. Biochem 278: 198-205, 2000.

Reimann, K.A., O'Gorman, M.R.G., Spritzler, J., Wilkening, C., Sabath, D.E., Helm, K., Campbell, D.E., and the DAIDS/NIAID New Technology Evaluation Group: A multisite comparison of CD4 and CD8 T lymphocyte counting by single vs multiple platform methodologies: evaluation of Beckman Coulter Flow-Count fluorospheres and tetraONE System. Clin. Diag. Lab. Immunol 7: 344-351, 2000.

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