Surafel Mulugeta, PhD

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Research Associate Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Edward J. Stemmler Hall, Room 218
3450 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 476-6709
Fax: 573-5985
BA (Biology and Chemistry)
Bluffton College, 1982.
PhD (Biomedical Sciences)
Eastern Virginia Medical School/Old Dominion University, 1997.
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Description of Research Expertise

Proficiency in the disciplines of basic research that include cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, neuroscience, and lung biology

Selected Publications

Mulugeta, S., Beers, M.F.: Surfactant: Surfactant proteins B and C (SP-B and SP-C). Encyclopedia of Respiratory Medicine Laurent, G., Shapiro, S. (eds.). Elsevier – St. Louis, Page: 148 -151, 2006.

Stevens PA., Pettenazzo A., Brasch F., Mulugeta S., Baritussio A., Ochs M., Morrison L., Russo SJ., Beers MF.: Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia, alveolar proteinosis, and abnormal proprotein trafficking resulting from a spontaneous mutation in the surfactant protein C gene. Pediatric Research 57(1): 89-98, Jan 2005.

Beers MF., Mulugeta S.: Surfactant protein C biosynthesis and its emerging role in conformational lung disease. Annual Review of Physiology 67: 663-96, March 2005.

Mulugeta, S., Nguyen, V., Russo, S. J., Muniswamy, M., Beers, M. F.: A ProSP-C BRICHOS Domain Mutation Causes ER Stress, Proteasome Dysfunction, and Caspase 3 Activation Am. J. Resp. Cell Mol. Biol. 32: 521-530, May 2005.

Brasch F., Griese M., Tredano M., Johnen G., Ochs M., Rieger C., Mulugeta S., Muller KM., Bahuau M., Beers MF.: Interstitial lung disease in a baby with a de novo mutation in the SFTPC gene.[see comment]. [Review] [46 refs] European Respiratory Journal 24(1): 30-9, Jul 2004.

Mulugeta S., Beers MF.: Processing of surfactant protein C requires a type II transmembrane topology directed by juxtamembrane positively charged residues. Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(48): 47979-86, Nov 28 2003.

Wang WJ., Mulugeta S., Russo SJ., Beers MF.: Deletion of exon 4 from human surfactant protein C results in aggresome formation and generation of a dominant negative. Journal of Cell Science 116(Pt 4): 683-92, Feb 15 2003.

Mulugeta S., Gray JM., Notarfrancesco KL., Gonzales LW., Koval M., Feinstein SI., Ballard PL., Fisher AB., Shuman H.: Identification of LBM180, a lamellar body limiting membrane protein of alveolar type II cells, as the ABC transporter protein ABCA3. Journal of Biological Chemistry 277(25): 22147-55, Jun 21 2002.

Wang WJ., Russo SJ., Mulugeta S., Beers MF.: Biosynthesis of surfactant protein C (SP-C). Sorting of SP-C proprotein involves homomeric association via a signal anchor domain. Journal of Biological Chemistry 277(22): 19929-37, May 31 2002.

Mulugeta S., Ciavarra RP., Maney RK., Tedeschi B.: Three subpopulations of fast axonally transported retinal ganglion cell proteins are differentially trafficked in the rat optic pathway. Journal of Neuroscience Research 59(2): 247-58, Jan 15 2000.

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