Marina Katsnelson, M.D.

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology
Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Contact information
PENN Ob/Gyn Associates
3701 Market Street, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 1997.
B.S. (Biochemistry, honors program)
University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2001.
Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA, 2005.
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Selected Publications

Katsnelson M, Rubin SC, Hwang WT, Tanyi J: “Preoperative predictors which impact the survival and outcome of secondary cytoreduction in ovarian cancer.” Poster. Society of Gynecologic Oncology Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer, Tampa, FL, Mar 2014.

Katsnelson MK, Scherger JE, Baker TR: Vaginal Cancer, First Consult. March 29 2012.

Katsnelson M, Laughingwell R, Rose LJ, Rosenblum NG: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Colposcopic and Cytologic Detection in the Vagina. J Reprod Med 56(7-8):344-6, Jul-Aug 2011.

Katsnelson M, Toll A, Biroschak J, Rosenblum NG: Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Cervix Presenting as an Adnexal Neoplasm. Clin Ovarian Cancer 4(1):47-8, Jun 2011.

Katsnelson M, Sewell C, Wolf A, Burd I: A novel module for ob/gyn resident education. Med Educ 44(11):1135, Nov 2010.

Katsnelson M, White JG, Dicker AP, Rosenblum NG: “Quality of life in survivors of endometrial cancer: Vaginal brachytherapy alone compared to vaginal brachytherapy and whole pelvic radiation.” Oral Presentation. Mid-Atlantic Gynecologic Oncology Society, 25th Annual Meeting, Richmond, VA, Oct 2010.

Rothman RB, Katsnelson M, Vu N, Partilla JS, Dersch CM, Blough BE, Baumann MH: Interaction of the anorectic medication, phendimetrazine, and its metabolites with monoamine transporters in rat brain. Eur J Pharmacol 447(1):51-7, Jun 2002.

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