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Christopher D Brown, Ph.D.

Christopher D Brown, Ph.D.

faculty photo
Assistant Professor of Genetics
Department: Genetics

Contact information
Clinical Research Bldg, 538A
415 Curie Blvd
Philladelphia, PA, 19104
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Office: 650-468-5731
Lab: (215) 746-4049
B.S. (Biochemistry)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2001.
Ph.D. (Genetics)
Stanford University, 2007.
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Description of Research Expertise

Our research focuses on how genotypes produce phenotypes and how they vary and evolve. We are particularly interested in identifying and experimentally characterizing functional human non-coding sequence variation. We aim to understand the mechanisms through which non-coding variants function, with an emphasis on understanding the mechanisms underlying complex human disease. We leverage a combination of high throughput experimental and computational approaches. We are currently focused on massively parallelizing assays that interrogate non-coding DNA function and applying these approaches to the fine-mapping of the causal variants underlying human disease.

Selected Publications

Innocenti Federico, Cooper Gregory M, Stanaway Ian B, Gamazon Eric R, Smith Joshua D, Mirkov Snezana, Ramirez Jacqueline, Liu Wanqing, Lin Yvonne S, Moloney Cliona, Aldred Shelly Force, Trinklein Nathan D, Schuetz Erin, Nickerson Deborah A, Thummel Ken E, Rieder Mark J, Rettie Allan E, Ratain Mark J, Cox Nancy J, Brown Christopher D: Identification, replication, and functional fine-mapping of expression quantitative trait loci in primary human liver tissue. PLoS genetics 7(5): e1002078, May 2011.

Nègre Nicolas, Brown Christopher D, Ma Lijia, Bristow Christopher Aaron, Miller Steven W, Wagner Ulrich, Kheradpour Pouya, Eaton Matthew L, Loriaux Paul, Sealfon Rachel, Li Zirong, Ishii Haruhiko, Spokony Rebecca F, Chen Jia, Hwang Lindsay, Cheng Chao, Auburn Richard P, Davis Melissa B, Domanus Marc, Shah Parantu K, Morrison Carolyn A, Zieba Jennifer, Suchy Sarah, Senderowicz Lionel, Victorsen Alec, Bild Nicholas A, Grundstad A Jason, Hanley David, MacAlpine David M, Mannervik Mattias, Venken Koen, Bellen Hugo, White Robert, Gerstein Mark, Russell Steven, Grossman Robert L, Ren Bing, Posakony James W, Kellis Manolis, White Kevin P: A cis-regulatory map of the Drosophila genome. Nature 471(7339): 527-31, Mar 2011.

Nègre Nicolas, Brown Christopher D, Shah Parantu K, Kheradpour Pouya, Morrison Carolyn A, Henikoff Jorja G, Feng Xin, Ahmad Kami, Russell Steven, White Robert A H, Stein Lincoln, Henikoff Steven, Kellis Manolis, White Kevin P: A comprehensive map of insulator elements for the Drosophila genome. PLoS genetics 6(1): e1000814, Jan 2010.

Roy Sushmita, Ernst Jason, Kharchenko Peter V, Kheradpour Pouya, Negre Nicolas, Eaton Matthew L, Landolin Jane M, Bristow Christopher A, Ma Lijia, Lin Michael F, Washietl Stefan, Arshinoff Bradley I, Ay Ferhat, Meyer Patrick E, Robine Nicolas, Washington Nicole L, Di Stefano Luisa, Berezikov Eugene, Brown Christopher D, Candeias Rogerio, Carlson Joseph W, Carr Adrian, Jungreis Irwin, Marbach Daniel, Sealfon Rachel, Tolstorukov Michael Y, Will Sebastian, Alekseyenko Artyom A, Artieri Carlo, Booth Benjamin W, Brooks Angela N, Dai Qi, Davis Carrie A, Duff Michael O, Feng Xin, Gorchakov Andrey A, Gu Tingting, Henikoff Jorja G, Kapranov Philipp, Li Renhua, MacAlpine Heather K, Malone John, Minoda Aki, Nordman Jared, Okamura Katsutomo, Perry Marc, Powell Sara K, Riddle Nicole C, Sakai Akiko, Samsonova Anastasia, Sandler Jeremy E, Schwartz Yuri B, Sher Noa, Spokony Rebecca, Sturgill David, van Baren Marijke, Wan Kenneth H, Yang Li, Yu Charles, Feingold Elise, Good Peter, Guyer Mark, Lowdon Rebecca, Ahmad Kami, Andrews Justen, Berger Bonnie, Brenner Steven E, Brent Michael R, Cherbas Lucy, Elgin Sarah C R, Gingeras Thomas R, Grossman Robert, Hoskins Roger A, Kaufman Thomas C, Kent William, Kuroda Mitzi I, Orr-Weaver Terry, Perrimon Norbert, Pirrotta Vincenzo, Posakony James W, Ren Bing, Russell Steven, Cherbas Peter, Graveley Brenton R, Lewis Suzanna, Micklem Gos, Oliver Brian, Park Peter J, Celniker Susan E, Henikoff Steven, Karpen Gary H, Lai Eric C, MacAlpine David M, Stein Lincoln D, White Kevin P, Kellis Manolis: Identification of functional elements and regulatory circuits by Drosophila modENCODE. Science (New York, N.Y.) 330(6012): 1787-97, Dec 2010.

Brown Christopher D, Johnson David S, Sidow Arend: Functional architecture and evolution of transcriptional elements that drive gene coexpression. Science (New York, N.Y.) 317(5844): 1557-60, Sep 2007.

Cooper Gregory M, Brown Christopher D: Qualifying the relationship between sequence conservation and molecular function. Genome research 18(2): 201-5, Feb 2008.

Tao, Y., Ruan, J., Yeh, S. H., Lu, X., Wang, Y., Zhai, W., Cai, J., Ling, S., Gong, Q., Chong, Z., Qu, Z., Li, Q., Liu, J., Yang, J., Zheng, C., Zeng, C., Wang, H. Y., Zhang, J., Wang, S. H., Hao, L., Dong, L., Li, W., Sun, M., Zou, W., Yu, C., Li, C., Liu, G., Jiang, L., Xu, J., Huang, H., Mi, S., Zhang, B., Chen, B., Zhao, W., Hu, S., Zhuang, S. M., Shen, Y., Shi, S., Brown, C., White, K. P., Chen, D. S., Chen, P. J., Wu, C. I.: Rapid growth of a hepatocellular carcinoma and the driving mutations revealed by cell-population genetic analysis of whole-genome data. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108(29): 12042-7, 2011.

Johnson David S, Davidson Brad, Brown Christopher D, Smith William C, Sidow Arend: Noncoding regulatory sequences of Ciona exhibit strong correspondence between evolutionary constraint and functional importance. Genome research 14(12): 2448-56, Dec 2004.

McNerney Megan E, Brown Christopher D, Wang Xiaoyue, Bartom Elizabeth T, Karmakar Subhradip, Bandlamudi Chaitanya, Yu Shan, Ko Jinkyung, Sandall Barry P, Stricker Thomas, Anastasi John, Grossman Robert L, Cunningham John M, Le Beau Michelle M, White Kevin P: CUX1 is a haploinsufficient tumor suppressor gene on chromosome 7 frequently inactivated in acute myeloid leukemia. Blood 121(6): 975-83, Feb 2013.

Jiang Zi-Feng, Xia Fangfang, Johnson Kipp W, Brown Christopher D, Bartom Elizabeth, Tuteja Jigyasa H, Stevens Rick, Grossman Robert L, Brumin Marina, White Kevin P, Ghanim Murad: Comparative genome sequences of the primary endosymbiont Candidatus Portiera aleyrodidarum from the whitefly Bemisia tabaci B and Q biotypes. Applied and environmental microbiology Jan 2013.

Hekman Katherine E, Yu Guo-Yun, Brown Christopher D, Zhu Haipeng, Du Xiaofei, Gervin Kristina, Undlien Dag Erik, Peterson April, Stevanin Giovanni, Clark H Brent, Pulst Stefan M, Bird Thomas D, White Kevin P, Gomez Christopher M: A conserved eEF2 coding variant in SCA26 leads to loss of translational fidelity and increased susceptibility to proteostatic insult. Human molecular genetics 21(26): 5472-83, Dec 2012.

Doré Louis C, Chlon Timothy M, Brown Christopher D, White Kevin P, Crispino John D: Chromatin occupancy analysis reveals genome-wide GATA factor switching during hematopoiesis. Blood 119(16): 3724-33, Apr 2012.

Liu Jiang, Ghanim Murad, Xue Lei, Brown Christopher D, Iossifov Ivan, Angeletti Cesar, Hua Sujun, Nègre Nicolas, Ludwig Michael, Stricker Thomas, Al-Ahmadie Hikmat A, Tretiakova Maria, Camp Robert L, Perera-Alberto Montse, Rimm David L, Xu Tian, Rzhetsky Andrey, White Kevin P: Analysis of Drosophila segmentation network identifies a JNK pathway factor overexpressed in kidney cancer. Science (New York, N.Y.) 323(5918): 1218-22, Feb 2009.

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