Paul J. De Weer

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Isaac Ott Emeritus Professor of Physiology
Department: Physiology

Contact information
Room B400 Richard Building
3700 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6085
Office: 2158988725
B.S. (Preclinical Medicine/Chemistry)
University of Leuven (Belgium), 1959.
University of Leuven, Belgium, 1963.
M.S. (Medical Sciences)
University of Leuven, 1964.
Ph.D. (Biophysics)
University of Maryland at Baltimore, 1969.
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Description of Research Expertise

Member of the Corporation, Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Massachusetts)

Selected Publications

Rakowski, R.F., Artigas, P., Holmgren, M., Gadsby, D.C., De Weer, P.: Na ion occupancy of the channels opened by palytoxin. Biophys. J. 84: 320a, 2003.

Rakowski, R.F., Gadsby, D.C., De Weer, P.: Single ion occupancy and steady-state gating of Na channels in squid giant axon. J. Gen. Physiol. 119: 235-249, 2002.

Jans, D., De Weer, P., Srinivas, S.P., Larivière, E., Simaels, J., Van Driessche, W.: Mg2+-sensitive non-capacitative basolateral Ca2+ entry secondary to cell swelling in the polarized renal A6 epithelium. J. Physiol. (Lond.) 541: 91-101, 2002.

De Weer, P., Gadsby, D.C., Rakowski, R.F.: Voltage dependence of the apparent affinity for external Na+ of the backward-running sodium pump. J. Gen. Physiol. 117: 315-328, 2001.

De Weer, P.: A century of thinking about cell membranes. Ann. Rev. Physiol. 62: 919-926, 2000.

De Weer, P., Gadsby, D.C., Rakowski, R.F.: The Na/K-ATPase: a current-generating enzyme. Na/K-ATPase and Related ATPases. Taniguchi, K., Kaya, S. (eds.). Elsevier; Amsterdam, Page: 27-34, 2000.

Holmgren, M., Wagg, J., Bezanilla, F., Rakowski, R.F., De Weer, P., Gadsby, D.C.: Three distinct and sequential steps in the release of sodium ions by the Na+/K+ ATPase. Nature 403: 898-901, 2000.

De Weer, P.: No easy way out (or in): kinetic model for Na:GABA cotransport. J. Gen. Physiol. 114: 427-428, 1999 Notes: Commentary.

Holmgren, M., Wagg, J., Bezanilla, F., Rakowski, R.F., De Weer, P., Gadsby, D.C.: Strictly sequential extracellular release of 3 Na+ ions revealed by voltage jump-induced presteady-state charge movements. 1999 Notes: Presented at the Proc. IXth Internat. Na Pump Conference, Sapporo, Japan, 1999.

Wagg, J., Holmgren, M., Gadsby, D.C., Bezanilla, F., Rakowski, R.F., De Weer, P.: Na/K pump-mediated transient currents indicate sequential Na+ release. Biophys. J. 74: 338a, 1998.

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