Claire H. Mitchell

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Associate Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology
Department: Anatomy & Cell Biology

Contact information
440 Levy Bldg
240 S. 40th St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 573-2176
Graduate Group Affiliations
B.Sc. (Biology)
McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1986.
Ph.D. (Ion Channels of Ocular Epithelia)
Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London, U.K., 1994.
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Description of Research Expertise

My research is concerned with the basic physiological mechanisms that interfere with the survival of neurons, astrocytes and epithelial cells as we age.

Description of Itmat Expertise

Purinergic signaling, lysospmal function, cytokine release, mechanosensitive signals, glaucoma models, macular degeneration, cell based screening assays

Selected Publications

Coffey EE, Beckel JM, Laties AM, Mitchell CH: Lysosomal alkalization and dysfunctional autphagy in fibroblasts with the Alzheimer’s disease-linked presenilin 1 A246E mutation can be reversed with cAMP. Neuroscience 263: 111-124, 2014.

Frost LS, Lopes VS, Bragin A, Reyes-Reveles J, Brancato J, Cohen A, Mitchell CH, Williams DS, Boesze-Battaglia K.: The Contribution of Melanoregulin to Microtubule-Associated Protein 1 Light Chain 3 (LC3) Associated Phagocytosis in Retinal Pigment Epithelium. Molecular Neurobiology Oct. 10, 2014.

Beckel JM, Argall AJ, Lim JC, Xia J, Lu W, Coffey EE, Macarak EJ, Shahidulla M, Delamere NA, Zode GS, Sheffield VC, Shestopalov VI, Laties AM, Mitchell CH: Mechanosensitive release of ATP through pannexin channels and mechanosensitive upregulation of pannexin channels in optic nerve head astrocytes: a mechanism for purinergic involvement in chronic strain. Glia DOI: 10.1002/glia.22695, 2014.

Guha S, Baltazar GC, Coffey EE, Tu LA, Lim JC, Beckel JM, Patel S, Eysteinsson T, Lu W, O'Brien-Jenkins A, Laties AM, Mitchell CH: Lysosomal alkalinization, lipid oxidation, and reduced phagosome clearance triggered by activation of the P2X7 receptor. FASEB J 27(11): 4500-4509, Nov 2013.

Frost LS, Lopes VS, Stefano FP, Bragin A, Williams DS, Mitchell CH, Boesze-Battaglia K: Loss of melanoregulin (MREG) enhances cathepsin-D secretion by the retinal pigment epithelium. Visual Neuroscience 30(3): 55-64, 2013.

Guha S, Baltazar GC, Tu L-A, Liu J, Lim JC, Lu W, Argall A, Boesze-Battaglia K, Laties AM, Mitchell CH: Stimulation of the D5 dopamine receptor acidifies the lysosomal pH of retinal pigmented epithelial cells and decreases accumulation of autofluorescent photoreceptor debris. Journal of Neurochemistry 122(4): 823-33, Aug 2012.

Xia J, Lim JC, Lu W, Beckel JM, Macarak EJ, Laties AM, Mitchell CH: Neurons respond directly to mechanical deformation with pannexin-mediated ATP release and autostimulation of P2X7 receptors. Journal of Physiology 590(Pt 10): 2285-304, May 2012.

Li A, Leung CT, Peterson-Yantorno K, Stamer WD, Mitchell CH, Civan MM: Mechanisms of ATP release by human trabecular meshwork cells, the enabling step in purinergic regulation of aqueous humor outflow. Journal of Cellular Physiology 227(1): 172-82, Jan 2012.

Baltazar GC, Guha S, Lu W, Lim J, Boesze-Battaglia K, Laties AM, Tyagi P, Kompella UB, Mitchell CH: Acidic nanoparticles are trafficked to lysosomes and restore an acidic lysosomal pH and degradative function to compromised ARPE-19 cells. PloS one 7(12): e49635, 2012.

Liu J, Lu W, Guha S, Baltazar GC, Coffey EE, Laties AM, Rubenstein RC, Reenstra WW, Mitchell CH: Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator contributes to reacidification of alkalinized lysosomes in RPE cells. American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology 303(2): C160-9, 2012.

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