James R. McKay

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Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry
Director, Penn-TRI Center on the Continuum of Care in the Addictions, University of Pennsylvania
Director, Center of Excellance in Substance Abuse Treatment and Education, Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania
3535 Market St., Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-746-7704
B.S. (Psychology)
Loyola University of Chicago , 1983.
M.A. ( Psychology)
Harvard University, 1986.
Ph.D. (Psychology, Clinical Track)
Harvard University, 1987.
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Description of Itmat Expertise

Dr. McKay's primary research interest is in developing and evaluating new clinical approaches to improve the long-term management of substance use disorders and related problems.

Selected Publications

McKay, J.R., Lynch, K.G., Coviello, D., Morrison, R., Cary, M.S., Skalina, L., & Plebani, J. : Randomized trial of incentives vs. relapse prevention continuing care in cocaine dependent patients engaged in outpatient treatment. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 78: 111-120, 2010.

Dunlap, L.J., Zarkin, G.A., Bray, J.W., Mills, M., Kivlahan, D.R., McKay, J.R., Latham, P., & Tonigan, J.S. : Revisiting the Cost-Effectiveness of the COMBINE Study for Alcohol Dependent Patients: The Patient Perspective. Medical Care 48: 111-120, 2010.

Morgenstern, J., Hogue, A., Dauber, S., Dasaro, C., & McKay, J.R. : Does coordinated care management improve employment for substance using welfare recipients? Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 70: 955-963, 2009.

Morgenstern, J., Hogue, A., Dauber, S., Dasaro, C., & McKay, J.R. : A practical clinical trial of care management to treat substance use disorders among public assistance beneficiaries. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 77: 257-269, 2009.

Cacciola, J.S., Koppenhaver, J.M., Alterman, A.I., & McKay, J.R. : Posttraumatic stress disorder and other psychopathology in substance abusing patients Drug and Alcohol Dependence 101: 27-33, 2009.

Cacciola, J.C., Camillero, A.C., Carise, D., Pecoraro, A., Rikoon, S.H., & McKay, J.R. : Extending residential care through telephone counseling: Initial results from the Betty Ford Center Focused Continuing Care protocol. Addictive Behaviors 33: 1208-1216, 2008.

Zarkin, G.A., Bray, J.W., Aldridge, A., Mitra, D., Mills, M.J., Couper, D.J., Cisler, R.A., and Combine Cost-Effectiveness Research Group : Cost and cost-effectiveness of the COMBINE study in alcohol-dependent patients. Archives of General Psychiatry 65: 1214-1221, 2008.

Marlowe, D.B., Festinger, D.S., Arabia, P.L., Dugosh, K.L., Benasutti, K.M., Croft, J.R., & McKay, J.R. : Adaptive interventions in drug court: A pilot experiment. Criminal Justice Review 33: 343-360, 2008.

Mensinger, J.L., Lynch, K.G., TenHave, T.R., & McKay, J.R.: Mediators of telephone-based continuing care for alcohol and cocaine dependence. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 75: 775-784, 2007.

Murphy, S.A., Lynch, K.G., McKay, J.R., Oslin, D.W., & Ten Have, T.R. : Developing adaptive treatment strategies in substance abuse research Drug and Alcohol Dependence 88: S24-S30, 2007.

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