Shobha S Natarajan

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Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Attending Cardiologist, Echocardiography Laboratory, The Cardiac Center The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Attending Cardiologist, The Fetal Heart Program, The Cardiac Center The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Attending Cardiologist, Inpatient Cardiac Care Unit, The Cardiac Center The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Attending Consultant in Pediatric Cardiology, Pennsylvania Hospital
Attending Cardiologist, The Infant Single Ventricle Monitoring Program, The Cardiac Center The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Co-Director, The Hypertension and Vascular Evaluation (HAVE) Program, A Joint Clinical Program between the Cardiac Center and the Division of Nephrology, CHOP
Director, The Vascular lab for Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk The Cardiac Center, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Director, Vascular Lab Core, The Clinical and Translational Research Core, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Echocardiography Attending, The Coronary Artery Management Program (CAMP), The Cardiac Center The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Medical Director of Quality Improvement, The Cardiac Center The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
Division of Cardiology
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
34th Street & Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-590-2200
Fax: 215-590-4620
BA (History)
Haverford College, 1990.
Post-Bacc (Pre-Medical)
Bryn Mawr College, 1994.
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 1999.
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Description of Itmat Expertise

Dr. Natarajan is conducting non-invasive evaluation of ventricular and vascular function in congenital heart disease.

Selected Publications

Gardner MM, Mercer-Rosa L, DiLorenzo MP, Bates KE, Stagg A, Natarajan S, Szwast A, Tang J, Fuller S, Mascio CM, Fleck D, Torowicz DL, Giglia TM, Rome JJ, Ravishankar C : Impact of Home Monitoring on Interstage Mortality and Stage II Outcomes. American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions March 2017 2017 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Shih EK, Natarajan S, Falkensammer C, Beslow LA, Messe SR, Ichord RN: Role of Patent Foramen Ovale in First and Recurrent Childhood Cryptogenic Arterial Ischemic Stroke. International Stroke Conference, Houston, TX 2017 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Hatch-Stein J, Kelly A, Natarajan S, Dorfman A, Meyers KE: Arterial Stiffness Measured by Pulse Wave Analysis and EndoPAT Is Increased in Young Women with Turner Syndrome. Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting May 2016 Notes: Platform Presentation for session on Hypertension—Update on Research.

Natarajan S, Cohen MS: Ventricular Septal Defects. Echocardiography in Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease: From Fetus to Adult 2nd Edition. Lai WW, Mertens LL, Cohen MS and Geva T (eds.). Wiley-Blackwell, Page: 215-230, 2016.

Patel JK, Glatz AC, Ghosh RM, Jones SM, Natarajan S, Ravishankar C, Mascio CE, Spray TL, Cohen MS.: Intramural Ventricular Septal Defect is a Distinct Clinical Entity Associated with Postoperative Morbidity in Children after Repair of Conotruncal Anomalies. Circulation 132(15): 1387-94, Aug 2015.

Tierney Selamet ES, Hollenbeck-Pringle D, Lee CK, Altmann K, Golding F, Lu M, Dunbar-Masterson C, Miller S, Molina K, Natarajan S, Taylor CL, Trachtenberg F, Colan SD: Reproducibility of Left Ventricular Dimension vs. Area vs. Volume Measurements in Pediatric Patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy. The American Society of Echocardiography Scientific Sessions Jun 2015 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Channing A, Szwast A, Natarajan S, Degenhardt K, Tian T, Rychik J: Maternal Hyperoxygenation Improves Left Heart Filling In The Fetus With Atrial Septal Aneurysm Causing Impediment To Left Ventricular Inflow. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 45(6): 664-9, Jun 2015.

Daga A, Natarajan S, Crane M, Baluarte JH, Meyers KE: Cardiovascular Status in Children Post Kidney Transplant. Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting Apr 2015 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Rychik J, Cohen D, Tran KM, Szwast A, Natarajan S, Johnson MP, Moldenhauer JS, Khalek N, Martinez-Poyer J, Flake AW, Hedrick HL, Adzick NS: The Role of Echocardiography in the Intraoperative Management of the Fetus Undergoing Myelomeningocele Repair. Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy 37(3): 172-8, 2015.

Natarajan S, Glatz AC, Goldmuntz E, Cohen MS: Abnormal Aortic Wall Properties in Children with Isolated Bicuspid Aortic Valve. American Heart Association, Scientific Sessions, Chicago, IL Nov 2014 Notes: Poster Presentation.

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