Corey J. Langer

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Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Division of Hematology Oncology
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
10th Floor, South Pavilion
Office #10-206
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-615-5121
Fax: 215-615-5122
Lab: CP 215-806-6152
B.A./M.D. (Liberal Arts and Medicine 6 year Combined)
Boston University, 1981.
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Description of Itmat Expertise

Thoracic and Head and Neck Oncology. Combined Modality Therapy: integration of radiation and systemic therapy. Targeted and Personalized Cancer Therapeutics.

Selected Publications

Movsas B, Scott C, Curran Jr W, Byardt R and Langer C. : A Quality-Adjusted Time Without Symptoms or Toxicity (QTWiST) Analysis of Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) 94-10. Proc Am Soc Clin Oncol (ASCO), San Francisco, CA, J Clin Oncol, in press. 2008.

Schnoll RA, James C, Malstrom M, Rothman R, Wang H, Babb J, Miller SM, Ridge JA, Movsas B, Langer C, Unger M, Goldberg M : Longitudinal predictors of continued tobacco use among patients diagnosed with cancer. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, in press 2008.

Langer, CJ Stephenson, P, Schiller J, Harrington D, Sandler A, Belani, C, Johnson D : The Role of Combination Platinum-Based Treatment in the Elderly: Lessons from ECOG 1594 Clinical Lung Cancer, Cancer Conference Highlights, in press 2008.

Janne PA, Simon GR, Langer CJ, Taub RN, Dowlati, A, Fidias F, Obasaju C, Monberg M, Kindler HA : Phase II Trial of Pemetrexed and Gemcitabine in Chemotherapy Naïve Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma. J Clin Oncol, in press 2008.

Konski A; Bhargavan M; Owen J, Komaki R, Langer C, Byhardt R; Paulus R, Choy H, Bruner D, Curran W : Less is not always more; An Economic Analysis of Radiatoin Therapy Oncology Group 9410 Poster 1080, American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology, Los Angeles, CA Nov. 2007.

Movsas B; Moughan J; Sarna L; Langer C; Werner-Wasik M; Nicolaou N; Komaki R; Machtay M; Wasserman T; Bruner D; : Quality of Life (QoL) supercedes the classic predictors of survival in locally advanced non-small cel l lung cancer: An analysis of Radiation Therpay Oncology Group (RTOG) 9801 Oral presentation. American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology, Los Angeles, CA Nov./Dec. 2007.

Langer CJ, Harris J, Horwitz EM, Nicolaou N, Kies M, Curran W, Wong S, Ang K : Phase II study of low-dose paclitaxel and cisplatin in combination with split-course concomitant twice-daily reirradiation in recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: results of Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Protocol 9911. J Clin Oncol.20;25(30):4800-5 Oct. 2007.

Wakelee HA, Dahlberg SE, Schiller JH, Langer CJ, Sandler AB, Brahmer JR, Belani CP : Menopausal status of women may affect survival in advanced NSCLC: Analysis of recent Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) studies using age of 60 years or older as a surrogate marker. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Vol 2, No 8, Supplement 4, S570, P1-052 Aug. 2007.

Langer CJ, Paulus R, Curran W, Movsas B Werner-Wasik M, Komaki R, Lee JS, Choy H : Rethinking prognostic factors in the era of combined modality therapy for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (LA-NSCLC): a retrospective analysis of RTOG Protocols 9410 and 9801. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Vol 2, No 8, Supplement 4, S309 A1-03 Aug. 2007.

Movsas B, Langer C, Wang LH, Jotte R, Xu F, Huang C, Monberg M, Obasaju CK : Phase 2 trial of cisplatin, etoposide, and radiation followed by gemcitabine vs gemcitabine and docetaxel in stage IIIA/B unresectable non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Vol 2, No 8, Supplement 4, S648, P2-195 Aug. 2007.

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