Michelle Alonso-Basanta

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Helene Blum Assistant Professor
Department: Radiation Oncology

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Radiation Oncology
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
TRC-2 West
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BA (Chemistry)
New York University, 1996.
Ph.D. (Pathology)
New York University, 2001.
New York University School of Medicine, 2003.
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Selected Publications

Goldie Kurtz, Michelle Alonso-Basanta, Robert A. Lustig: Radiotherapy for Gliomas. Ediciones Journal S.A., Viamonte 2146, (1056ABH) Buenos Aires, Argentina. www.edicionesjournal.com Roberto Steven Zaninovich, MD (eds.). Ediciones Journal S.A. 2016.

Sheehan Jason P, Cohen-Inbar Or, Ruangkanchanasetr Rawee, Bulent Omay S, Hess Judith, Chiang Veronica, Iorio-Morin Christian, Alonso-Basanta Michelle, Mathieu David, Grills Inga S, Lee John Y K, Lee Cheng-Chia, Dade Lunsford L: Post-radiosurgical edema associated with parasagittal and parafalcine meningiomas: a multicenter study. Journal of neuro-oncology Sep 2015.

Alonso-Basanta Michelle: Work/Life Balance: A Tale of the Blue Collar Father and the White Collar Daughter. JAMA oncology Page: 1-2, Sep 2015.

Lee John Y K, Sandhu Sukhmeet, Miller Denise, Solberg Timothy, Dorsey Jay F, Alonso-Basanta Michelle: Higher dose rate Gamma Knife radiosurgery may provide earlier and longer-lasting pain relief for patients with trigeminal neuralgia. Journal of neurosurgery Page: 1-8, Aug 2015.

Sheehan Jason P, Starke Robert M, Kano Hideyuki, Barnett Gene H, Mathieu David, Chiang Veronica, Yu James B, Hess Judith, McBride Heyoung L, Honea Norissa, Nakaji Peter, Lee John Y K, Rahmathulla Gazanfar, Evanoff Wendi A, Alonso-Basanta Michelle, Lunsford L Dade: Gamma Knife radiosurgery for posterior fossa meningiomas: a multicenter study. Journal of neurosurgery 122(6): 1479-89, Jun 2015.

Mooij, R; Kralik, J; Kosterin, P; Geiger, G; Alonso-Basanta M, : Total Scalp Irradiation with Cyberknife. ISRS Annual Meeting June 7-11 2015 June 2015.

Sheehan Jason P, Kano Hideyuki, Xu Zhiyuan, Chiang Veronica, Mathieu David, Chao Samuel, Akpinar Berkcan, Lee John Y K, Yu James B, Hess Judith, Wu Hsiu-Mei, Chung Wen-Yuh, Pierce John, Missios Symeon, Kondziolka Douglas, Alonso-Basanta Michelle, Barnett Gene H, Lunsford L Dade: Gamma Knife radiosurgery for facial nerve schwannomas: a multicenter study. Journal of neurosurgery Page: 1-8, May 2015.

J. Vogel, A. Hollander, E. Ojerholm, C. Briola, R. Mooij, M. Bieda, J.D. Kolker, S. Nagda, G.A. Geiger, J.F. Dorsey, R.A. Lustig, D.M. O'Rourke, S. Brem, J.Y.K. Lee, M. Alonso-Basanta: Risk of Local Failure with CyberKnife Radiosurgery to the Resection Bed for Large Intracranial Metastases. 3rd ESTRO Forum April 2015.

Doroslovacki, Pavle; Tamhankar, M; Shindler, K; Liu, G; Alonso-Basanta, M.: Identifying Risk Factors for the Development of Radiation Optic Neuropathy at “Safe” Doses: A Review of Cases Seen 1994-2014. North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society February 2015.

Vincent J. Lee and Michelle Alonso-Basanta: Chordoma. Radiation Oncology: A Question-Based Review. Boris Hristov, Steven H. Lin, and John P. Christodouleas (eds.). Wolters Kluwer, 2015.

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