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Dental implants
Bone grafts
Financial models

Selected Publications

Stathopoulou Panagiota G, Benakanakere Manjunatha R, Galicia Johnah C, Kinane Denis F: Epithelial cell pro-inflammatory cytokine response differs across dental plaque bacterial species. Journal of clinical periodontology 37(1): 24-9, Jan 2010.

Galicia Johnah C, Benakanakere Manjunatha R, Stathopoulou Panagiota G, Kinane Denis F: Neutrophils rescue gingival epithelial cells from bacterial-induced apoptosis. Journal of leukocyte biology 86(1): 181-6, Jul 2009.

Stathopoulou P G, Benakanakere M R, Galicia J C, Kinane D F: The host cytokine response to Porphyromonas gingivalis is modified by gingipains. Oral microbiology and immunology 24(1): 11-7, Feb 2009.

Stathopoulou, P.G., Galicia, J.C., Benakanakere, M.R., Garcia, C.A., Potempa, J., Kinane, D.F. : Porphyromonas gingivalis induce apoptosis in human gingival epithelial cells through a gingipain-dependent mechanism BMC Microbiology 9, 2009.

Guggenheim, B., Gmür, R., Galicia, J.C., Stathopoulou, P.G., Benakanakere, M.R., Meier, A., Thurnheer, T., Kinane, D.F. : In vitro modeling of host-parasite interactions: The 'subgingival' biofilm challenge of primary human epithelial cells BMC Microbiology 9, 2009.

Benakanakere, M.R., Li, Q., Eskan, M.A., Singh, A.V., Zhao, J., Galicia, J.C., Stathopoulou, P., Knudsen, T.B., Kinane, D.F. : Modulation of TLR2 protein expression by miR-105 in human oral keratinocytes Journal of Biological Chemistry 284(34): 23107-23115, 2009.

Eskan Mehmet A, Benakanakere Manjunatha R, Rose Beate G, Zhang Ping, Zhao Jiawei, Stathopoulou Panagiota, Fujioka Daisuke, Kinane Denis F: Interleukin-1beta modulates proinflammatory cytokine production in human epithelial cells. Infection and immunity 76(5): 2080-9, May 2008.

Shinsuke Onishi, K.H., Liang, S., Stathopoulou, P., Kinane, D., Hajishengallis, G., Sharma, A. : Toll-like receptor 2-mediated interleukin-8 expression in gingival epithelial cells by the Tannerella forsythia leucine-rich repeat protein BspA Infection and Immunity 76(1): 198-205, 2008.

Kinane Denis F, Galicia Johnah Cortez, Gorr Sven-Ulrik, Stathopoulou Panagiota Giorgios, Benakanakere Manjunatha: P. gingivalis interactions with epithelial cells. Frontiers in bioscience : a journal and virtual library 13: 966-84, 2008.

Kinane D F, Shiba H, Stathopoulou P G, Zhao H, Lappin D F, Singh A, Eskan M A, Beckers S, Waigel S, Alpert B, Knudsen T B: Gingival epithelial cells heterozygous for Toll-like receptor 4 polymorphisms Asp299Gly and Thr399ile are hypo-responsive to Porphyromonas gingivalis. Genes and immunity 7(3): 190-200, Apr 2006.

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