Martha S. Jordan

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Research Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Contact information
421 Curie Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-746-5546
Fax: 215-746-5525
BS (Biology)
University of Richmond, 1994.
Ph.D. (Immunology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2000.
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Description of Research Expertise

Research Summary:

Most T cells develop in the thymus and exit into the peripheral lymphoid organs as naïve cells. Once in the periphery, these cells can become activated by encounter with foreign antigens and differentiate into effector T cells. In addition to naïve cells, the thymus also generates T cells that gain efffector function during thymic development. Such cells include natural killer (NK) T cells and T cells. These cells are thought to coordinate innate and adaptive immune responses.

More recently, CD8+ CD4˜ (CD8SP) and CD4+ CD8˜ (CD4SP) TCR thymocyte populations that gain effector function during development in the thymus have been identified. These cell types include CD4+ regulatory T cells, which suppress the activation of conventional T cells; CD4+ natural Th17 cells, which are primed to secrete IL-17, an important cytokine in mucosal immunity and autoimmunity; and CD8+ innate-like lymphocytes (ILLs), which possess characteristics of innate and memory lymphocytes. My laboratory is interested in understanding the cellular and biochemical factors that regulate the development of these cells and their function during immune responses.

Description of Itmat Expertise

T cell signal transduction
thymocyte development
T cell function

Selected Publications

Jeremy C. Burns, Evann Corbo, Janine Degen, Mercy Gohil, Christine Anterasian, Burkart Schraven, Gary A. Koretzky, Stefanie Kliche*, and Martha S. Jordan* (*co-corresponding authors): The SLP-76 SH2 domain is required for T cell development and activation. J Immunol 187(9): 4459-66, Nov 2011 Notes: Epub 2011 Sep 26.

Jiyeon S. Kim, Jennifer E. Smith-Garvin, Gary A. Koretzky & Martha S. Jordan: The requirements for natural Th17 cell development are distinct from those of conventional Th17 cells. J Exp Med 208(11): 2201-7, Oct 2011 Notes: Epub 2011 Sep 26.

Wu GF, Corbo E, Schmidt M, Smith-Garvin JE, Riese MJ, Jordan MS, Laufer TM, Brown EJ, Maltzman JS: Conditional deletion of SLP-76 in mature T cells abrogates peripheral immune responses. Eur J. Immunol 41(7): 2064-73, Jul 2011.

Gordon SM, Carty SA, Kim JS, Zho T, Smith-Garvin J, Koretzky GA, Reiner SL, Jordan MS: Requirements for Eomesodermin and PLZF in the development of innate-like CD8+ T cells. Journal of Immunology 186(8): 4573-8, Apr 2011.

Chang John T, Ciocca Maria L, Kinjyo Ichiko, Palanivel1 Vikram R, McClurkin Courtney E, DeJong Caitlin S, Mooney Erin C, Kim Jiyeon S, Steinel1 Natalie C, Oliaro Jane, Yin Catherine C, Florea Bogdan I, Overkleeft Herman S, Berg Leslie J, Russell Sarah M, Koretzky Gary A, Jordan Martha S, and Reiner1 Steven L.: Asymmetric Proteasome Segregation as a Mechanism for Unequal Partitioning of the Transcription Factor T-bet during T Lymphocyte Division. Immunity 34(4): 492-504, Apr 2011.

Smith-Garvin JE, Burns JC, Gohil M, Zou T, Kim JS, Maltzman JS, Wherry EJ, Koretzky GA, Jordan MS: T cell receptor signals direct the composition and function of the memory CD8+ T cell pool. Blood 116(25): 5548-59, Dec 2010 Notes: Epub 2010 Sep 16.

Jordan MS, Koretzky GA: Coordination of receptor signaling in multiple hematopoietic cell lineages by the adaptor protein SLP-76. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. 2(4), April 2010.

Alonzo Eric S, Gottschalk Rachel A, Das Joy, Egawa Takeshi, Hobbs Robin M, Pandolfi Pier Paolo, Pereira Pablo, Nichols Kim E, Koretzky Gary A, Jordan Martha S, Sant'Angelo Derek B: Development of promyelocytic zinc finger and ThPOK-expressing innate gamma delta T cells is controlled by strength of TCR signaling and Id3. Journal of immunology 184(3): 1268-79, Feb 2010.

Sonnenberg Gregory F, Mangan Paul R, Bezman Natalie A, Sekiguchi Debora R, Luning Prak Eline T, Erikson Jan, Maltzman Jonathan S, Jordan Martha S, Koretzky Gary A: Mislocalization of SLP-76 leads to aberrant inflammatory cytokine and autoantibody production. Blood Dec 2009.

Lenox Laurie E, Kambayashi Taku, Okumura Mariko, Prieto Christopher, Sauer Karsten, Bunte Ralph M, Jordan Martha S, Koretzky Gary A, Nichols Kim E: Mutation of tyrosine 145 of lymphocyte cytosolic protein 2 protects mice from anaphylaxis and arthritis. The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 124(5): 1088-98, Nov 2009.

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