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Clinical Research Blast

The Clinical Research Blast (CR Blast) is an email information service for the Penn clinical research community designed to provide updates, useful, and relevant information related to conducting clinical research at Penn.

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Who sends the CR Blasts?

The Office of Human Research Division of Research Education & Training administers and sends the CR Blasts. The topics are developed in collaboration with the Clinical Research Coordination and Management Advisory Committee, the Clinical Research Advisory Committee, and various offices, centers, and departments as applicable for specific topics. The OHR makes every effort to assure the content of the CR Blasts are accurate and consistent with the current Penn standards, policies, and procedures, and federal regulations as applicable.

Who receives the CR Blasts?

The CR Blasts are sent to individuals listed in the Clinical Research Registry, including investigators, clinical research coordinators, and other individuals who have elected to receive email updates through the CR registry. Please login to the CR Registry to register to receive emails. If you are already registered, click on your My Profile tab (not available for Investigators) and be sure the checkbox to receive emails is checked.

How can I submit an idea for a CR Blast topic?

Have you recently discovered something that you think might be helpful for others to know? Please submit your ideas for topics to Rosalyn McNeill at