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CRC Mentoring Program

What is Mentoring?
Mentoring is the process of helping an individual develop skills, knowledge and attitudes in order to set and reach important life goals. It’s the process in which successful individuals go out of their way to help others succeed. (Linda Phillips-Jones, PhD in “Skills for Successful Mentoring: Competencies of Outstanding Mentors and Mentees.”)
What is Mentoring Not?
Mentoring is not the same as:
  • Training
  • Crisis Management
  • A “Fix It” for interpersonal or performance issues
For these types of issues, staff should consult the appropriate entity (e.g. University or UPHS Human Resources).
What is the CRC Mentoring Program?
The CRC Mentoring Program is a formal mentoring program for Penn Clinical Research Coordinators and Research Project Managers.
You are placed in a mentoring relationship with another Penn staff member in which you will either be the mentor (offering the benefit of your experience and knowledge) or the mentee (receiving guidance and assistance on your professional life).
Who is sponsoring this program?
The Clinical Research Coordination & Management Advisory Committee identified mentoring as a top priority in 2007. A workgroup was formed to identify an appropriate mentoring program model for CRCs and to develop a program customized for their needs. This program is based on the workgroup’s recommendations as well as feedback from CRC Mentoring Program Pilot participants.
The Office of Human Research, Division of Research Education & Training, is responsible for implementing this program.
Who is eligible to participate?
All regular full-time and part-time Clinical Research Coordinators and Research Project Managers are invited to participate. This includes research nurses, data managers, etc.
Mentors and mentees will be assigned to someone who is not in their department.
How much time does the CRC Mentoring Program require?
The CRC Mentoring Program involves a minimal time commitment, yet has the potential for enormous benefits.
You will attend 2 program sessions. The first is an information session which will provide more details about the program and describe what mentoring is; this session lasts about 60 minutes. The second session is the launch where you will meet your mentor or mentee and will complete the formal training seminar on mentoring. This session will last about 90 minutes.
You will be encouraged to have monthly mentoring sessions (about 1 hour).
Your formal mentoring relationship lasts 12 months.
How often will the CRC Mentoring Program run?
The CRC Mentoring Program is offered twice a year, in January and July.
As the mentoring relationship lasts 12 months, you may only participate in one mentoring session at a time.
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