Penn Clinical Research Coordinator Society


The following subcommittees are intended to be ongoing committees that focus on a particular area of continual need. For more information about any of the subcommittees, feel free to contact the chairperson.

Education Subcommittee
Susan Wahl, Chair
Aasma Chaundhary
Kimberly Clinton
Lori Conley
Ellen Peskin
Nancy Pultorak
Scott Ritter
Charlotte Royer-Malvestuto
Margaret Ryan
Operations Subcommittee
Annamarie Horan, Chair
Deanna DiDonato
Suzanne Donovan
Nicole Gallatti
Mary Hammond
Melissa Kruszewski 
Katherine Lamond
Shannon Marcoon
Lisa Nessel
Nancy Pultorak
Kathleen Thomas
Sally Thompson
Professional Development Subcommittee
Lisa Desiderio
Janet Dinnella
Mark Duckworth
Lisa Gardo
Rana Leed
Fran Pack, Co-Chair
Colleen Pellegrini
Maureen Prewitt
Pam Tolomeo
Cathi Ybarra
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