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The lab is populated by the following:

  • John Detre, MD - PI - If there were a fire in the lab, John would save the Saeco espresso machine first.
  • Jiongjiong Wang, PhD - research fellow
  • Dan Kimberg, PhD - Dan likes Linux. Dan also co-wrote this terrific user friendly analysis program, Voxbo.
  • Connie Boronat, PhD - Connie divides her time between Penn and Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute. She has also caught the home renovation bug.
  • Dongbo Hu - Dongbo is a recent addition to the Voxbo programming effort.
  • Anne Roc, MS - PhD candidate in Neuroscience, UPenn - Still interested in motor control but also in fMRI. Particularly interested in clinical research. More specifically, current interest lies in investigating motor performance effects on functional activation in normal populations and Moya Moya patients. Might also possibly step into neuropsychology with cognitive performance effects on activation.
  • Marcie Rabin - research tech - Marcie is currently interviewing at medical schools.
  • Kathy Tang - research tech - Kathy likes cookies but not peanuts. She is trying to decide what to do with her life.
  • Nicole Altman - undergrad student - Nicole is currently a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior. She is from Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Helen Hu - even newer addition to the detrelab. 10:43 pm Feb 20, 2002.

people out

  • Ehab Abdelaty, MD - Ehab is currently in Egypt
  • Julio Gonzalez-At, PhD - research associate
  • David Mintzer - research tech - David deferred entering med school in Fall '02.
  • Beau M Ances, MD, PhD - neurology resident, UPenn
  • Tom Floyd, MD - Specialty-Cardiovascular anesthesiology and echocardiography. Research interests-application of dynamic imaging methods to explore mechanisms of stroke and cognitive dysfunction after cardiac surgery. Application of fMRI to study the phenomenon of awareness during anesthesia.
  • Daniel Casasanto - PhD candidate, MIT
  • Igor Levy-Reis - Brazil
  • Luigi Maccotta - MD, PhD candidate, WashU

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