Cycle 15, year 2014

Bengi Turegun
Dimeric WH2 domains in Vibrio VopF promote actin filament barbed-end uncapping and assisted elongation
Tanya Svitkina 2/07/2014 Local F-actin Network Links Synapse Formation and Axon Branching
David Kast
2/14/2014 The WAVE Regulatory Complex Links Diverse Receptors to the Actin Cytoskeleton
Malgorzata Boczkowska 2/21/2014 Critical roles for multiple formins during cardiac myofibril development and repair
Gregorz Rebowski
2/28/2014 CANCELLED
Roberto Dominguez
3/07/2014  Rickettsia actin-based motility occurs in distinct phases mediated by different actin nucleators
Gregorz Rebowski 
3/14/2014 Mechanism of synergistic activation of Arp2/3 complex by cortactin and N-WASP
Changsong Yang
3/21/2014 An unmet actin requirement explains the mitotic inhibition of clathrin-mediated endocytosis
Maria Shutova
3/28/2014 Nonmuscle Myosin II Is a Critical Regulator of Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis
Jonathan Chia
4/04/2014 Septins promote F-actin ring formation by crosslinking actin filaments into curved bundles
Yadaiah Madasu
4/11/2014 Enabled Negatively Regulates Diaphanous-Driven Actin Dynamics In Vitro and In Vivo
Junling Wang
4/18/2014 Regulation of microtubule motors by tubulin isotypes and post-translational modifications
Nadya Efimova
4/25/2014 Making the Connection: Ciliary Adhesion Complexes Anchor Basal Bodies to the Actin Cytoskeleton