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Cycle 35 spring 2024

Title (publication link)
Kyle Barrie 01/19/24 Canceled (University closed)  
Kyle Barrie 01/26/24 1. Cyclase-associated protein interacts with actin filament barbed ends to promote depolymerization and formin displacement
2. Cyclase-associated protein is a pro-formin anti-capping processive depolymerase of actin barbed and pointed ends
Brittany MacTaggart 02/02/24 MAP9/MAPH-9 supports axonemal microtubule doublets and modulates motor movement 302
Nick Palmer 02/09/24 Transition of human γ-tubulin ring complex into a closed conformation during microtubule nucleation 302
Fred Fregoso 02/23/24 Single molecule imaging of the central dogma reveals myosin-2A gene expression is regulated by contextual translational buffering 302
  03/01/24 No Journal Club  
  03/08/24 No Journal Club  
  03/15/24 No Journal Club  
  03/22/24 No Journal Club  
Devasmita Chakravarty 03/29/24 Canceled  
Elana 04/05/24 Shared structural features of Miro binding control mitochondrial homeostasis 702
Xingyuan Fang 04/12/24 Cell wall synthesis and remodeling dynamics determine division site architecture and cell shape in Escherichia coli 702
Tanya Svitkina 04/19/24 Sensing their plasma membrane curvature allows migrating cells to circumvent obstacles 702
Li Chen 04/26/24 Mouse oocytes sequester aggregated proteins in degradative super-organelles 702
  05/03/24 No Journal Club  
Anil Chougule 05/10/24 Local Monomer Levels and Established Filaments Potentiate Non-Muscle Myosin 2 Assembly 702
End of the cycle      


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