Cycle 16, year 2014

Bengi Turegun
Identification of an Actin Binding Surface on Vinculin that Mediates Mechanical Cell and Focal Adhesion Properties.
Changsong Yang 5/16/2014 Actin scaffolding by clathrin heavy chain is required for skeletal muscle sarcomere organization.
Malgorzata Boczkowska
5/23/2014 Regulation of focal adhesion formation by a vinculin-Arp2/3 hybrid complex.

5/30/2014 NO JC - Physiology Retreat
Tanya Svitkina
6/06/2014 The late endosomal p14-MP1 (LAMTOR2/3) complex regulates focal  adhesion dynamics during cell migration
David Kast
6/13/2014  A Trio-Rac1-Pak1 signalling axis drives invadopodia disassembly
Maria Shutova 
6/20/2014 Endogenous species of mammalian nonmuscle myosin IIA and IIB include activated monomers and heteropolymers
Gregorz Rebowski
6/27/2014 Fascin Plays a Role in Stress Fiber Organization and Focal Adhesion Disassembly

7/04/2014 NO JC - Independence Day
Jonathan Chia
7/11/2014 An Arp 2/3 nucleated f-actin shell fragments nuclear membranes at nuclear envelope breakdown in starfish oocytes
Roberto Dominguez
7/18/2014 Activation of cytoplasmic dynein motility by dynactin-cargo adapter complexes
Junling Wang
7/25/2014 Proteasome failure promotes positioning of lysosomes around the aggresome via local block of microtubule-dependent transport
Steven Jones
8/01/2014 Dynamic Microtubules Catalyze Formation of Navigator-TRIO Complexes to Regulate Neurite Extension
Yadaiah Madasu 8/08/2014 Regulation of cargo‐selective endocytosis by dynamin 2 GTPase‐activating protein girdin
Nadya Efimova 8/15/2014 Paxillin inhibits HDAC6 to regulate microtubule acetylation, Golgi structure, and polarized migration