Cycle 17, year 2015

Bengi Turegun
DNA binding properties of the actin-related protein Arp8 and its role in DNA repair
Maria Shutova 2/06/2015 Rac1-Dependent Phosphorylation and Focal Adhesion Recruitment of Myosin IIA Regulates Migration and Mechanosensing
Malgorzata Boczkowska
2/13/2015 Leiomodin 3 and tropomodulin 4 have overlapping functions during skeletal myofibrillogenesis
Changsong Yang 2/20/2015 Mitochondrial translocation and interaction of cofilin and Drp1 are required for erucin-induced mitochondrial fission and apoptosis
David Kast
2/27/2015 Endophilin-A2 functions in membrane scission in clathrin-independent endocytosis
Jonathan Chia
3/06/2015  A mechanism of leading-edge protrusion in the absence of Arp2/3 complex
Grzegorz Rebowski
3/13/2015 Profilin Regulates F-Actin Network Homeostasis by Favoring Formin over Arp2/3 Complex
Junling Wang
3/20/2015 Research Report
Tanya Svitkina
3/27/2015 Confinement and low adhesion induce fast amoeboid migration of slow mesenchymal cells
Anna Kashina
4/03/2015 Single β-actin mRNA detection in neurons reveals a mechanism for regulating its translatability
Steven Jones
4/10/2015 Regulation of ECM degradation and axon guidance by growth cone invadosomes
Roberto Dominguez
4/17/2015 The structure of the dynactin complex and its interaction with dynein
Nadya Efimova
4/24/2015 Actin depolymerisation and crosslinking join forces with myosin II to contract actin coats on fused secretory vesicles
Jean-Baptiste Fournier 5/01/2015 Reconstitution of a hierarchical +TIP interaction network controlling microtubule end tracking of dynein
Enzo Bresteau 5/08/2015