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Student Loan Counseling Exit Interview

Please remember to select 'Exit Counseling', not 'Entrance Interview'

Prior to leaving Penn, you are required to complete an "exit counseling session" online to advise you of your rights and obligations. The University is using Affiliated Computer Services, “Financial Counselor™” website to fulfill this requirement. You will need your Penn ID number and birth date to begin your Financial Counselor session.

Before you begin your session you should:

  • Print a copy of your Cumulative Loan History from Penn InTouch
  • After you login, click on [Student Loans] and follow the instructions.
  • Have the names and complete addresses of two personal references available
  • Allow 30 – 45 minutes to complete your counseling session

The information contained in your exit counseling session pertains only to loans borrowed at the University. Information about the Penn Guaranteed, Wharton, and Penn/CitiAssist Loan Programs is available under the “Institutional Loan” section on the website.

Please note that your monthly payments, for most programs, are estimated. You will receive your actual repayment schedule(s) from your loan servicer(s) during your grace period. The payment amounts disclosed for your Federal Perkins Loan, Health Professions Loan, and institutional loans where the University is the lender, are accurate as shown. You are responsible for repaying each loan when due, even if you have not received a bill. It is extremely important to update your billing address with each loan servicer.

The “Financial Counselor” website is available at any time, for your convenience. You must complete your exit counseling session before the end of your final semester. Failure to do so will result in withholding of your grades, transcript and diploma. If you experience any difficulty in using the “Financial Counselor” website, please contact us at at 215-898-5718.

It is very important to maintain a good student loan repayment history. It builds a good credit record for you, and enables other students to benefit from these loan programs. If you experience any difficulty in repaying your student loan, contact your lender or loan servicer immediately.

Checklist for Graduating Students with Federal Student Loans

Now that you are leaving Penn, you need to make important decisions on how to repay your federal student loan(s). The information below will help you begin the repayment process.

If you have specific questions about any of the processes mentioned in this section or whether certain provisions apply to you, you should contact your lender.

AAMC FIRST listserve

This AAMC-run debt management FIRST listserve is dedicated to residents' loan issues. There are no mailing lists involved and it's completely confidential. The FIRST listserve is an easy way to get:

Subscribe to the FIRST Listserve

  1. Send an e-mail to:

  2. In the subject field, provide information identifying your residency program or your GME affiliation

  3. In the body of the message, type: subscribe FIRST

FIRST for Residents Mailbox

The FIRST for Residents Mailbox is a resource for residents to anonymously send questions or concerns about loan repayment, deferment, forbearance, loan consolidation and other debt management issues. The mailbox also sends alerts to residents regarding events or news that are essential to the financial health of a resident, such as changes that may impact a resident's student loan situation, their deferment and forbearance options or even new loan forgiveness programs. (Read past posts in the Archive.) General reminders are also periodically sent when important deadlines for student loans approach.

Stay in-the-know regarding issues that impact your financial decisions—become a subscriber today.

Manage your debt. Don't let your debt manage you.

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Submitting a Question

  1. To submit a question or concern, send a plain text email to Please do not send any emails in html or rich text format.
  2. AAMC Staff will review your email and respond to you directly or summarize the question(s) and/or concerns in an email to all Mailbox subscribers.

Your email address will be kept confidential, and your identifying information will not be posted.

FIRST for Residents Mailbox Archive

Prior to sending your question, be sure to check the Mailbox Archive of past alerts, questions and posts of interest. You may be able to find quick answers to someone else's similarly expressed concern or question.

DISCLAIMER: The information in the mailbox is provided as a service from the AAMC to our constituents, and represents our best efforts to assist residents and GME staff on debt management issues. However, we assume no liability for the use of this information. We remind borrowers that you should always check with the lender or servicer of your student loans when you have questions or repayment issues.



Page Updated: 08-Nov-2012