Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

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The Fourth International Workshop on Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 and Its Applications in Metabolic Imaging

February 25–27th, 2016


On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to welcome you to The Fourth International Workshop on Metabolic Imaging. Over the course of this three-day workshop, leading experts from a variety of fields will present their current research and discuss how significant biological problems can be probed with a variety of imaging and non-imaging technologies including hyperpolarized carbon-13, PET, PET/MRI, and mass spectroscopy.
The academic sessions of this workshop will cover a wide range of clinically relevant topics including, but not necessarily limited to, molecular pathways, systems biology of the mitochondria, and metabolomics. Discussion of the most recent advances in hardware development and pulse sequence design will also be included.
In planning this workshop, the organizing committee has sought to unify aspects of molecular biology, medicine, physical chemistry, and engineering with the intention of appealing to a broad audience of investigators, postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows, and students of all levels. The workshop will bring its audience to the technological forefront of metabolic imaging research while demonstrating the power of modern interdisciplinary science.
It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to our campus.
Rahim R. Rizi, Ph.D.
Professor of Radiology