Central coronal hyperpolarized 3He spin density and alveolar partial pressure of oxygen (pAO2) maps in representative subjects (2 Healthy Nonsmokers, 1 Asymptomatic Smoker and 3 COPDs). The histogram shows the whole-lung distribution and the mean and standard deviation was extracted from a Gaussian fit to the histograms. The PFT metrics, age and smoking history is listed for comparison.

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Ventilation and Oxygen Tension Imaging

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10 DEC, 2012

Call for Abstracts for The 2013 International Functional Lung Imaging Workshop. Click Here for more infomation

15 MAY, 2012

Call for Abstracts for the Third Metabolic Imaging Workshop.


The goal of the Functional and Metabolic Imaging Group (FMIG) is the development and application of novel hyperpolarized MRI techniques capable of diagnosing a variety of pulmonary and metabolic disorders. Specifically, our research activities at FMIG is divided into four general branches:

  1. The development of novel imaging techniques for the quantitative assessment of pulmonary structure and function through use of hyperpoliarzied gas (3He and 129Xe).
  2. Development of real-time metabolic imaging techniques to investigate the use of hyperpolarized 13C-labeled metabolites (e.g. [1-13C]pyruvate) for imaging lung perfusion and pulmonary pH, as well as detecting aberrant metabolism, which is a key pathological indication for a number of disease states, including cancer in other organs including liver, brain and heart.
  3. Study of the Dynamic Nuclear polarization (DNP) and Optical pumping technologies and polarization dominant relaxation mechanisms with the aim of increasing polarization levels as well extension of longitudinal relaxation.
  4. Implementation of rapid imaging pulse sequences and their applications in hyperpolarized MRI.