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Susan Davidson Databases and bioinformatics
Robert Babak Faryabi

Developing cancer informatics methods such as meta-annotation of cancer causing mutations, prognostic prediction.

Casey Greene Integrative genomics methods should be easy to use and available to all.
John Holmes Development of databases and use of large claims, surveillance, and clinical record databases.
Shane Jensen Integration of biological data for regulatory network discovery
Kate Nathanson Use of the TCGA for analysis of cancer genomes
David Roos Studies in the Roos laboratory employ modern cell biological, molecular genetic, biochemical/pharmacological, immunological and genomic/bioinformatic techniques to study protozoan parasites, eukaryotic evolution, and the biology of host-pathogen interactions.
Christian Stoeckert Biomedical ontologies, Genomics Unified Schema (GUS) and the Strategies-WDK, EuPathDB, NIAGADS Genomics
faculty photo Li-San Wang Genetics and Genomics of Alzheimer's Disease; Non-coding RNA bioinformatics