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Predoctoral Training Grant in Pharmacology

Predoctoral Training Grant in Pharmacology

NIH-funded training grant T32GM008076 has supported predoctoral training in Pharmacology at Penn for over 30 years. The grant supports the stipends of 8-10 dissertation-stage students per year, and also provides these trainees with additional funds for sponsoring an Annual Student Symposium. In addition to participating in regular Pharmacology training activities that are available to all students, T32 trainees receive extra mentoring and often serve as pilots for testing out new activities or practices.

Applying for PHRM-TG support

New trainees are selected each March by a competitive process. An email announcement soliciting applications will be sent to all Pharmacology Graduate Group members. Students usually apply in the Spring of their 2nd year.

Applicants must be members of the Pharmacology Graduate Group. However, for an applicant to be considered for a position, their academic record should include:

PHRM-TG trainees will receive:

Responsibilities of PHRM-TG trainees include:

PHRM-TG Executive Committee:

Julie A. Blendy, PI

Wade Berrettini

Jeffrey Field

David Manning

Vladimir Muzykantov

Trevor Penning


The below students are currently supported by the training grant. Former trainees and their current status are indicated with an * on our list of Graduates.

PHRM-TG Trainees (2017-2018)
Kayla Barekat FitzGerald
Marco Carpenter Heller
Andrea Guzman Delikatny
Courtney Hong Kahn
Jack Jacobs Sehgal
Laura Puentes Mach
Natalie Quijano Carde De Biasi
Christopher Roselle June
Lindsay Roth Jordan Sciotto/Grinspan
Ryan von Kleeck Assoian


PHRM-TG Training Faculty

Julie A. Blendy

Richard Assoian

Paul H. Axelsen

Wade H. Berrettini

Ian A. Blair

Gerd A. Blobel

Lawrence F. Brass

Eric J. Brown

Rodney M. Camire

Margaret Chou

Akiva S. Cohen

Peter F. Davies

Mariella DeBiasi

Jim Delikatny

Dennis E. Discher

James H. Eberwine

Roderic G. Eckenhoff

Jeffrey Michael Field

Garret A. FitzGerald

Jerry D. Glickson

Tilo Grosser

Chang-Gyu Hahn

Elizabeth Heller

Xianxin Hua

Harry Ischiropoulos

Kelly L. Jordan-Sciutto

Carl June

Klaus H. Kaestner

Mark L. Kahn

Marcelo G. Kazanietz

Max B. Kelz

Peter S. Klein

Rahul M. Kohli

Constantinos Koumenis

Mitchell A. Lazar


Caryn Lerman

Robert Levy

Jon M. Lindstrom

David Lynch

Robert Mach

David R. Manning

Michael S. Marks

Judy L. Meinkoth

Vladimir R. Muzykantov

Trevor M. Penning

Robert Christopher Pierce

Mortimer Poncz

Ellen Pure

Daniel J. Rader

Michael B Robinson

Amita Sehgal

James Shorter

Wenchao Song

Doris A Stoffers

Steven Thomas

Wei Tong

Andrew Tsourkas

Benjamin Franklin Voight

David B. Weiner

Aalim Mahdi Weljie

Rebecca G Wells

A. Steven Whitehead