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1st Year Class - 2015/2016

PGG Class of 2015

Back row (left to right):

Kevin Gillespie, Jack Jacobs, Lindsay Roth, Keith Campagno, Ryan von Kleeck, Marco Carpenter

Front row:

Natalia Quijano Carde, Kayla Barekat, Sofya Osharovich, Ryan Cupo




Current Student Announcements

At the recent World Molecular Imaging Congress in Seoul Korea, Sean Arlauckas won the Poster Prize in the category of "Chemistry of Imaging Probes - Optical Imaging" for his poster Choline kinase-targeted small molecule theranostics in muring models of cancer. His poster was also selected for the American Chemical Society Award. Mike Chiorazzo;s talk, "Synthesis and evaluation of Phospholipase A2 selective Near Infra-Red (NIR) activatable fluorophores based on a caged fluorescence model for cancer imaging" was selected as one of the top 40 at the meeting and was featured in the Highlights session.

2014 awardees of the Rainbow Endowment which provides support for PGG students to attend the Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting were Bridgin Lee and Sarah McKee.

The 2014 recipient of the Solomon Erulkar Traveling Fellowship is Mike Chiorazzo.

Awardees of the 2014 John S. O'Brien Research Awards at the 31st Annual Symposium were Sonia Step for Best Oral Presentation, and Diana Bernstein and Xue Liang for Best Poster Presentation.

Melissa Love received the 2014 Saul Winegrad Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Pharmacology.