Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Global Health Society

Additional Resources

Here you will find additional information and links to other organizations around campus with a focus on global health.

Center for Global Health

When it comes to all global health related events and resources, the Center for Global Health is a unique place where students can find almost anything they are looking for. They often host world-renowned speakers and provide many students with valuable information about opportunities abroad. We are proud to collaborate with them on a regular basis. Here you will find their calendar and information about their upcoming events.

Perry World House

A global policy research center that attracts individuals across the globe, the Perry World House is an incredibly unique venue that hosts many events throughout the school year. Many policy forums, conferences, and seminars related to global health are held here. Follow this link to find more about their upcoming events. 

Global Health Student Guidebook

Follow this link to download a copy of the Master of Public Health Student Guidebook for students in the Global Health Track to find more about the different resources around campus, including fieldwork and research opportunities available to you as a student.