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An Administrative Core provides oversight for the NNC, administrative support for NNC resources, regulatory support for NNC users, and is guided by a Steering Committee comprised of Core Directors, consortium representatives, user representative, and Neurology and Radiology department chairs.
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Data Acquisition

A Data Acquisition Core provides technical support for magnetic resonance and optical imaging protocol development and implementation, imaging quality assurance, and for implementing approaches for ancillary methods such as EEG/ERP, TMS, physiological monitoring and gating, neuropsychological task design, and behavioral response monitoring.
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Data Analysis

The Data Analysis Core integrates Penn’s world-class research and development programs in neuroimaging data analysis to provide consultation and customization for experimental and statistical design, image processing and analysis, and data visualization and interpretation to support structural morphometry, diffusion tensor tractography, localized and global brain segmentation, image visualization, statistical modeling, and genomic analyses.
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A Computing Core maintains a state-of-the-art data processing facility with distributed computing, data storage and archiving, integration of neuroimaging data analysis environments, and provides system administration support. These services include maintenance of a 380-core computer cluster running the Oracle (formerly Sun Grid) Engine and a suite of neuroimaging analysis software.
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