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Administrative Core

An Administrative Core provides oversight for the NNC, administrative support for NNC resources, regulatory support for NNC users, and is guided by a Steering Committee comprised of Core Directors, consortium representatives, user representative, and Neurology and Radiology department chairs.


The Administrative Core also provides oversight for scheduling of scan time on NNC supported instruments using a web-based calendar system.   A separate calendar is available for each instrument, includes quotas and transaction logging, and automatically releases scan time on a weekly basis. Users studying patient populations with specific scan time needs are scheduled manually. Weekend time is also scheduled in blocks by special arrangement.

A website includes contact information, mailing lists, and listings of core facilities and services.  Additional dissemination occurs in email newsletters that are generated by the Administrative Core and sent to all NNC personnel and users. 

In addition, the Administrative Core monitors NNC usage using a web-based survey and compiles usage data for the Steering Committee and for annual Progress Reports. The Director and Associate Director also remain current on regulatory, administrative, and logistical issues relating to neuroimaging research including human subjects’ recruitment and review board policies, animal usage and handling, and grant proposal issues and provide support and orientation to users and their staff.