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Data Analysis Core (FY 2016/17)


The Data Analysis Core integrates Penn’s world-class research and development programs in neuroimaging data analysis to provide consultation and customization for experimental and statistical design, image processing and analysis, and data visualization and interpretation to support structural morphometry, diffusion tensor tractography, localized and global brain segmentation, image visualization, statistical modeling, and genomic analyses.

In addition to advanced techniques and tools, many of which originated at Penn, that cover the range of data analysis and processing tasks relevant to statistical inference in structural and functional imaging studies of the brain, commonly used analysis workflows incorporating best practices and state-of-the-art methodologies are implemented in software pipelines or validated semi-automated protocols.  These workflows can be customized to address specialized user needs.

In addition to individual consultation and training, dissemination to the general NNC community occurs through group tutorials, workshops and other programmed outreach activities that promote open science at Penn and beyond.