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Clinical Research Advisory Committee

First Name Last Name sort Home Organization sort
Victoria Sallee Abramson Cancer Center
Lynn Schuchter, MD Abramson Cancer Center
Andy Ochroch, MD Anesthesiology and Critical Care
    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
David Margolis, MD Cntr for Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Kathleen Propert, ScD Cntr for Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Charles Orellana, MD Clinical Care Associates
Faith Pathak Clinical Care Associates
Joel Gelfand, MD Dermatology
Judd Hollander, MD Emergency Medicine
Nayyar  Iqbal, MD Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
Glen Gaulton, PhD Exec Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer
James Nicholson, MD Family Practice & Community Med
Jim Lewis, MD Gastroentrology
Ian Frank, MD Infectious Diseases
Pablo Tebas, MD Infectious Diseases
Brenda Rynn Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine
Christopher Clark, MD Institute on Aging
Jason Karlawish, MD Institute on Aging
Raymond Townsend, MD Renal-Electrolyte & Hypertension
Peter LeRoux, MD Neurosurgery
Eileen Maloney, RN Neurosurgery
Kurt Barnhart, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Nancy Pultorak Office of Human Research
Marianne Achenbach Office of Research Support Services
Maureen Maguire, PhD Ophthalmology
Jason Newman, MD Otorhinolaryngology
Emma Furth, MD Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Robert Baldassano, MD Pediatrics
Steven Whitehead, DPhil Pharmacology
Margaret Stineman, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Karl Rickels, MD Psychiatry
Robert Kotloff, MD Pulmonary, Allergy, & Critical Care Division
Daniel Sterman, MD Pulmonary, Allergy, & Critical Care Division
Sydney Evans, VMD Radiation Oncology
Mitchell Schnall, MD, PhD Radiology
Jonas Ellenberg, PhD Research Program Development
Joan Von Feldt, MD Rheumatology
Samuel Kuna, MD Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology
Wilson Szeto, MD Surgery
Diane Newman, RNC Surgery