PennCTMS: User Training

Training is conducted in person in a computer lab setting.  There are two types of training for the PennCTMS. Sessions are scheduled through Knowledge Link.  

Training Action Required:

OCR has created a Training Script.  A training-dedicated website has been created to track completion. The training script should be entered into the training site only and not the “live” PennCTMS site. Please use the URL provided in the training script. For compliance reasons, all users must be trained on the system. OCR will continue to track completion and deactivate users if training is not completed.

Getting Access

Are you an existing user and need help getting a PMACS account, access to PennCTMS Training or Production or need an e-signature reset?  Contact the PennCTMS dedicated team at

You’re required to obtain a PMACS account before registering for either class.  This process takes approximately (5) business days.  Request PMACS account «click here»

Existing and New User In Person Training:

This training is designed for new and existing users of the Penn Clinical Trial Management System (PennCTMS) - previously called Velos. This training is intended to replace, or compliment, completion of standard script training. The training will review the following workflows: study registration, study management and patient management and enrollment. The patient management portion will review workflows and the interface between PennCTMS and PennChart.

Training dates are available in Knowledge Link: search «PennCTMS»