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PennPET Explorer

Thank You to Everyone who was able to attend the 2017 Explorer Workshop.

If you were unable to attend, but still want to view the talks, they are available here.

Goals of the Explorer Workshop

This topical workshop will explore new imaging methods and clinical research applications for total-body PET that will be made possible by new scanners with extended axial lengths (up to 2-meters).

Advantages of the long axial FOV scanner

  • Enhance the ability to image in vivo systems simultaneously across multiple organs
  • Reduce administered dose and imaging time
  • Improve image quality and accuracy
  • Dynamically image whole-body bio-distribution studies for drug dosing, along with a variety of other applications not possibly with standard, commercial PET/CT scanners

NIH recently funded the construction of a 2-meter long PET scanner, called EXPLORER, that will be installed at UC Davis. Another system of different design is currently being built at the University of Pennsylvania.

At this workshop, a panel of internationally recognized experts in PET imaging will present ideas and plans for developing total-body PET instruments, along with thoughts on how to utilize and leverage the significant advantages of total-body PET once available to the end-user (in late 2018). In addition to presentations, we will discuss the technological requirements for such a high performance instrument, along with the areas of clinical and translational research that should be studied with such instruments.

Directions to SCTR (Detailed Directions)


The PennPET Explorer Workshop is coming up on September 12th! Don't forget to register here. The registration deadline has just been extended to September 5th!