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PHCP Alumni

Name (Years) Grad Group PhD Thesis (Advisor) PHCP Project (Advisor) Current Position
Kara Coleman (2006-11) CAMB CB Uncovering the role of the BRCA1-RAP80 complex in cancer susceptibility and DNA repair (Roger Greenberg) Factors influencing participation of high-risk African-American women in breast cancer genetic counseling programs (Tim Rebbeck) Project Director, Pew Charitable Trusts
Leah Sabin (2006-11) CAMB MVP The role of RNA silencing in Drosophila antiviral immunity (Sara Cherry) A Model of Rift Valley Fever Virus Transmission Dynamics Between Mosquito and Domestic Ruminant Populations in the Greater Philadelphia Metro Area (Gary Smith) Scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Rebecca Lijek (2007-12) CAMB MVP Host-Pathogen Interactions Between Bacterial Pathogens of the Upper Respiratory Tract (Jeff Weiser) Antibody responses to S Aureus in a human cohort (Jeff Metlay) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard University Medical School
Christopher Skipwith (2007-12) BMB Regulation of ADAMTS13 function in hemostasis by cofactor and substrate exosite interactions (X. Long Zheng) Developing a tool to evaluate genetic risk perception among patients with severe to moderate hemophilia A (Chanita Hughes-Halbert) Assistant Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences, Bentley University
Alyssa Huegel MacMillan (2008-13) CAMB MVP Interactions Between APOBEC3 and Murine Retroviruses: Mechanisms of Restriction and Drug Resistance (Susan Ross) Determine specific barriers to drug adherence in HIV patients initiating antiretroviral drug therapy (Robert Gross) Research Scientist, Newborn Screening Program, NJ Dept. of Health
Jamie Lemon
CAMB MVP The Role Of Cytosolic Access In Streptococcus Pneumoniae Nasopharyngeal Colonization (Jeff Weiser) Trends in Antibiotic Resistance of Staphylococcal Veterinary Isolates (Shelley Rankin & Hillary Nelson) Clinical Microbiology (CPEP) Fellow, NIH
Dillon Birdwell (2010-16) CAMB MVP Interactions of the OAS-RNASE L Pathway with Murine Coronavirus (Susan Weiss) Schmallenberg Virus Review (Gary Smith & Mike Levy) Medical Editing Director, Digitas Health LifeBrands
Seleeke Flingai (2011-16) CAMB GTV Engineered DNA-Mediated Antibody Gene Transfer for Prophylaxis against Infectious Diseases (David Weiner) Energize the Chain Impact Assessment Framework (Harvey Rubin) Master in Public Affairs Candidate, Princeton University
Megan Wise (2011-16) CAMB MVP Novel Approaches to Improve DNA Vaccine Induced Responses Against Difficult Infectious Disease Targets (David Weiner) Developing Question and Answer sheets for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center in their special topics series (Charlotte Moser & Paul Offitt) Postdoctoral Fellow, Inovio Pharmaceuticals
Joseph Benci (2013-17) CAMB CB Tumor Interferon Signaling Initiates and Sustains a Multigenic Resistance Program to Immune Checkpoint Blockade (Andy Minn) Survivorship Care Plan Utilization Among Skin Cancer Patients (Christine Hill-Kayser) Research Investigator, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Devin Christopher (2011-17) CAMB GTV Pre-Clinical Development of AAV Mediated Gene Therapy for Familial Lecithin Cholesterol Acyltransferase Deficiency (Daniel Rader) Throughput Analysis of an Expanded Dual-Model Second-Visit Mass Prophylaxis Functional Exercise (Steve Alles) Business Manager and Co-Founder, Inu Bathhouse Luxury Dog Salon
Rachel Leibman (2011-17) CAMB MVP Engineering Chimeric Antigen Receptors for Durable Control Over HIV-1 Replication (Jim Riley) Utilizing Philadelphia STD Clinic Data to Analyze the Status of Chlamydia in MSM (Clare Newbern) Clinical Trial Scientist, Stemcentrx
Yuxiang Zhang (2011-17) PGG Circadian Regulation of Hepatic Metabolism by Nuclear Receptors REV-ERB and ROR (Mitch Lazar) Association between serum resistin concentration and hypertension: a systematic review and meta-analysis (Lei Zhou) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Boston Children's Hospital
Kristel Emmer (2011-18) CAMB GTV Induction of antibodies to HIV-1 envelope using simian adenovirus vaccines (Hildegund Ertl) Memory T cell responses to heterologous prime-boost Ad35/AERAS-402 and MVA85A in BCG-vaccinated adults (Alex Hanlon & Aeras Institute) MPH Candidate, University of Pennsylvania