September 2013 - The African Diaspora: Integrating Culture, Genomics, and History symposium was hosted by The Smithsonian and the National Human Genome Research Institute. The story continues from conversations started at the symposium: "Where is anyone from, really?" and "Has DNA testing made genealogy simpler or more complex?"
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Congratulations to Alessia Ranciaro for her American Journal of Human Genetics article entitled "Genetic origins of lactase persistence and the spread of pastoralism in Africa" published in the March 12, 2014 edition.
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Michael Campbell published "Evolution of functionally diverse alleles associated with PTC bitter taste sensitivity in Africa" in Molecular Biology and Evolution in February 2014
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Cell cover 2012Cell published "Evolutionary history and adaptation from high-coverage whole-genome sequences of diverse African hunter-gatherers" by Joe Lachance and featured it on August 3, 2012 cover.
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