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Job Opportunities in the Tishkoff Lab

Programmer Analyst Position in Human Population Genetics

A programmer analyst position is available in a human population genetics laboratory affiliated with the Departments of Genetics and Biology at the University of Pennsylvania. Projects in the lab focus on a unique resource of DNA samples and phenotype data from ethnically and geographically diverse African populations. These samples are being used for genome-level analyses of diversity at both coding and non-coding loci (including high throughput resequencing, CNV analyses, and whole genome SNP genotyping).  For many of these samples we also have phenotype data for a number of traits that are likely important in adaptation and disease.  We are using these data (1) to infer population structure and demographic history and to test models of modern human evolution (2) to identify regions of the genome that are targets of selection (3) to identify functionally significant variants using genotype/phenotype association studies as well as gene expression analyses (4) to study genetic and phenotypic variation at loci that influence drug metabolism and (5) to study the genetic basis of resistance against infectious disease (with a focus on malaria) and co-evolution of the human and Plasmodium falciparum genomes. Collaborators on these projects include Philip Awadalla, Carlos Bustamante, Junhyong Kim, Gil McVean, Joshua Plotkin, Jonathan Pritchard, Anna Tramontano, and Greg Wray. Additional information about the Tishkoff lab can be found here.

The Department of Genetics is centrally located within the UPenn campus and is a short walk from the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, the Biology Department and the Anthropology Department. Outstanding core facilities are available for high throughput sequencing, genotyping, and gene expression studies, and for bioinformatics and computational biology.  UPenn has a vibrant community of researchers with interests in evolutionary biology and genomics, the genetics of complex traits, and translational medicine.

Candidates must have a B.S. degree or higher, strong computational and statistical skills, ability to program in Perl and C/C++, familiarity with database design and management, and a minimum of one year prior experience.  Job duties include designing and implementing software for population genetics and bioinformatic analyses of genome-scale datasets of human genetic variation, testing software, validating data, and providing quality assurance, and database design and maintenance. Familiarity with population genetic and association mapping methodology is a plus. Motivated candidates will have opportunities to present and publish research results. Salary for these positions is commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

Please send curriculum vitae, a brief description of research experience, and contact information for three references via e-mail to Dr. Sarah Tishkoff, Departments of Genetics and Biology, University of Pennsylvania, tishkoff@mail.med.upenn.edu. The starting date is flexible.