John A. Wolf, Ph.D.

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Research Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Department: Neurosurgery
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
Rm.172A Stemmler Hall
3450 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-746-4680
Lab: 215-898-5102
B.A. (Biology)
University of Pennsylvania, 1994.
Ph.D. (Neuroscience)
University of Pennsylvania, 2006.
M.S.Ed (School and Mental Health Counseling)
University of Pennsylvania, 2011.
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Description of Research Expertise

My laboratory focuses on the effects of traumatic brain injury on the limbic system, including the hippocampus, PFC, and amygdala. We are particularly interested in the changes in coding in these structures, as well as the interactions between them, in both cognition and emotional processing. We are developing new targets of neuromodulation for these regions and their connections as well.

Selected Publications

Adewole, D. O., Struzyna, L. A., Burrell, J. C., Harris, J. P., Nemes, A. D., Petrov, D., Kraft, R. H., Chen, H. I., Serruya, M. D., Wolf, J. A., Cullen, D. K.: Development of optically controlled "living electrodes" with long-projecting axon tracts for a synaptic brain-machine interface. Sci Adv 7(4), 2021.

Grovola, M. R., Paleologos, N., Brown, D. P., Tran, N., Wofford, K. L., Harris, J. P., Browne, K. D., Shewokis, P. A., Wolf, J. A., Cullen, D. K., Duda, J. E.: Diverse changes in microglia morphology and axonal pathology during the course of 1 year after mild traumatic brain injury in pigs. Brain Pathol Page: e12953, 2021.

Galanopoulou, Aristea S., Löscher, Wolfgang, Lubbers, Laura, O’Brien, Terence J., Staley, Kevin, Vezzani, Annamaria, D’Ambrosio, Raimondo, White, H. Steve, Sontheimer, Harald, Wolf, John A., Twyman, Roy, Whittemore, Vicky, Wilcox, Karen S., Klein, Brian: Antiepileptogenesis and disease modification: Progress, challenges, and the path forward—Report of the Preclinical Working Group of the 2018 NINDS-sponsored antiepileptogenesis and disease modification workshop. Epilepsia Open n/a(n/a), 2021.

Koch, P. F., Cottone, C., Adam, C. D., Ulyanova, A. V., Russo, R. J., Weber, M. T., Arena, J. D., Johnson, V. E., Wolf, J. A.: Traumatic Brain Injury Preserves Firing Rates But Disrupts Laminar Oscillatory Coupling and Neuronal Entrainment in Hippocampal CA1. eNeuro 7(5), 2020.

Jgamadze, Dennis, Johnson, Victoria E., Wolf, John A., Kacy Cullen, D., Song, Hongjun, Ming, Guo-li, Smith, Douglas H., Isaac Chen, H.: Modeling traumatic brain injury with human brain organoids. Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering 14: 52-58, 2020.

Grovola, M. R., Paleologos, N., Wofford, K. L., Harris, J. P., Browne, K. D., Johnson, V., Duda, J. E., Wolf, J. A., Cullen, D. K.: Mossy cell hypertrophy and synaptic changes in the hilus following mild diffuse traumatic brain injury in pigs. J Neuroinflammation 17(1): 44, 2020.

Harris, J. P., Burrell, J. C., Struzyna, L. A., Chen, H. I., Serruya, M. D., Wolf, J. A., Duda, J. E., Cullen, D. K.: Emerging regenerative medicine and tissue engineering strategies for Parkinson''s disease. NPJ Parkinsons Dis 6: 4, 2020.

Qian, X., Su, Y., Adam, C. D., Deutschmann, A. U., Pather, S. R., Goldberg, E. M., Su, K., Li, S., Lu, L., Jacob, F., Nguyen, P. T. T., Huh, S., Hoke, A., Swinford-Jackson, S. E., Wen, Z., Gu, X., Pierce, R. C., Wu, H., Briand, L. A., Chen, H. I., Wolf, J. A., Song, H., Ming, G. L.: Sliced Human Cortical Organoids for Modeling Distinct Cortical Layer Formation. Cell Stem Cell 26(5): 766-781.e9, 2020.

Burrell, J. C., Browne, K. D., Dutton, J. L., Laimo, F. A., Das, S., Brown, D. P., Roberts, S., Petrov, D., Ali, Z., Ledebur, H. C., Rosen, J. M., Kaplan, H. M., Wolf, J. A., Smith, D. H., Chen, H. I., Cullen, D. K.: A Porcine Model of Peripheral Nerve Injury Enabling Ultra-Long Regenerative Distances: Surgical Approach, Recovery Kinetics, and Clinical Relevance. Neurosurgery 2020.

Chen HI, Wolf JA, Blue R, Song MM, Moreno JD, Ming GL, Song H.: Transplantation of Human Brain Organoids: Revisiting the Science and Ethics of Brain Chimeras. Cell Stem Cell 25(4): 462-472, Oct 2019.

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