Loretta M. Flanagan-Cato, PhD

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Contact information
D18 Psychology Lab Building
3720 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-898-4085
Fax: 215-898-7301
BA (Psychology)
Rutgers University, 1985.
PhD (Neuroscience)
University of Pittsburgh, 1990.
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Description of Research Expertise

Neuroendocrinology, estrogen, receptors, adrenal steroids, angiotensin, oxytocin, dendritic spines, neuroplasticity

Steroid-induced plasticity of neural circuits to control reproductive and ingestive behaviors.

Neuroanatomical analysis, cell culture, western blot analysis, behavioral molecular pharmacological analysis.

Our research focuses on the cellular and molecular effects of steroids on brain networks that modulate behaviors such as mating and ingestion. To study these behaviorally-relevant neuro-hormonal interactions, a multidisciplinary approach is required. Thus, techniques ranging from behavioral analysis, immunocytochemical localization of peptide and steroid receptors, transneuronal tracing, and confocal analysis of cell morphology are employed.

Selected Publications

Ferri, S.L. L.M. Flanagan-Cato. : Oxytocin and dendrite remodeling in the hypothalamus. Hormones and Behavior 61: 251-258, 2012.

Griffin, G.D. L.M. Flanagan-Cato. : Ovarian hormone action in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus: remodelling to regulate reproduction. J. Neuroendocrinology 23: 465-471, 2011.

Flanagan-Cato, L.M. : Sex differences in the neural circuits mediating female sexual receptivity. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology 32: 124-136, 2011.

Griffin, G.D., S.L. Ferri-Kolwicz, B.S. Reyes, E. J. Van Bockstaele and L.M. Flanagan-Cato. : Ovarian hormone-induced reorganization of oxytocin-labeled dendrites and synapses lateral to the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus in female rats. J. Comparative Neurology 518: 4531-4545, 2010.

LaBelle, D.R., J.M. Cox, A.A. Dunn-Meynell, B.E. Levin, and L.M. Flanagan-Cato. : Genetic and dietary effects on dendrites in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus. Physiology and Behavior 98: 511-516, 2009.

Griffin, G.D. and L.M. Flanagan-Cato. : Sex differences in the dendritic arbors of neurons in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus. Physiology and Behavior 97: 151-156, 2009.

Flanagan-Cato, L.M., S.J. Fluharty, E.B. Weinreb, and D.R. LaBelle. : Food restriction alters neuronal morphology in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus of male rats. Endocrinology 149: 93-99, 2008.

Griffin, G.D. and L.M. Flanagan-Cato. : Estradiol and progesterone differentially regulate the dendritic arbor of neurons in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus of the female rat (Rattus norvegicus). J. Comparative Neurology 510: 631-640, 2008.

Pfaff, D.W., L.-M. Kow, M. Loose, L.M. Flanagan-Cato. : Reverse engineering the lordosis behavior circuit. Hormones and Behavior 55: 347–354, 2008.

L.M. Flanagan-Cato B.J. Lee, and L.H. Calizo. : Triple labeling analysis of the function and connectivity of progesterone receptor-containing neurons in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus of the female rat. Hormones and Behavior 50: 52-60, 2006.

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