Geoffrey Karl Aguirre, MD, PhD

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Professor of Neurology
Department: Neurology
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Department of Neurology
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-3390
BA (Politics)
Princeton University, 1992.
PhD (Neuroscience)
University of Pennsylvania, 2000.
University of Pennsylvania, 2001.
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Description of Research Expertise

I study human cortical organization for vision, and how this organization is altered by neurologic and ophthalmologic disease. Human visual cortex is composed of early, “retinotopically” organized visual areas, as well as more specialized, “categorical” areas that process specific visual features (such as facial appearance). My work has varied along two dimensions within this research space: scale and perturbation. I have examined the organization of visual cortex from its large-scale, anatomical arrangement to the precise and subtle form of population neural coding for object features. These studies at different scales of cortical organization have further been conducted both in healthy controls as well as in patients for whom visual function has been perturbed by retinal disease or cerebral dysfunction. I make use of a variety of scientific techniques, although the majority of my research uses BOLD fMRI, which is a non-invasive measure of neural activity in human participants.

Selected Publications

Workman CI, Humphries S, Hartung F, Aguirre GK, Kable JW, Chatterjee A.: Morality is in the eye of the beholder: the neurocognitive basis of the "anomalous-is-bad" stereotype. Ann N Y Acad Sci. Page: 1-15, Feb 9 2021 Notes: Epub ahead of print.

Patterson-Gentile C, Joshi N R, Ciuffreda K J, Arbogast K B, Master C, Aguirre G K: Developmental Effects on Pattern Visual Evoked Potentials Characterized by Principal Component Analysis. Translational Vision Science & Technology 2021 Notes: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.12.11.420158v1.

Chen M, Nofziger J, Datta R, Gee J C, Morgan J, Aguirre G K: The influence of axial length upon the retinal ganglion cell layer of the human eye. Translational Vision Science & Technology 9(13): 1-14, Dec 2020.

Darwich N F, Phan J M, Kim B, Suh E, Papatriantafyllou J D, Changolkar L, Nguyen A T, O’Rourke C, He Z, Porta S, Gibbons G S, Luk K C, Papageorgiou S G, Grossman M, Massimo L, Irwin D J, McMillan C T, Nasrallah I M, Toro C, Aguirre G K, Van Deerlin V M, Lee E B : Autosomal dominant VCP hypomorph mutation impairs disaggregation of PHF-tau. Science 370(6519): eaay8826, November 2020.

Cieslak M, Cook P, He X, Yeh FC, Dhollander T, Adebimpe A, Aguirre G, Bassett D, Betzel R, Bourque J, Cabral L, Davatzikos C, Detre J, Earl E, Elliott M, Fadnavis S, Fair D, Foran W, Fotiadis P, Garyfallidis E, Giesbrecht B, Gur R, Gur R, Kelz M, Keshavan A, Larsen B, Luna B, Mackey A, Milham M, Oathes D, Perrone A, Pines A, Roalf D, Richie-Halford A, Rokem A, Sydnor V, Tapera T, Tooley U, Vettel J, Yeatman J, Grafton S, Satterthwaite T.: QSIPrep: Robust workflows for preprocessing and reconstructing diffusion MRI. Nature methods. bioRxiv, Sep 2020 Notes: in-press, https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.09.04.282269,

Patterson Gentile C, Aguirre G K: A neural correlate of visual discomfort from flicker. Journal of Vision 20(7): 1-10, Jul 2020.

McAdams H, Kaiser E A, Igdalova A, Haggerty E B, Cucchiara B, Brainard D H, Aguirre G K: Selective amplification of ipRGC signals accounts for interictal photophobia in migraine. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117(29): 1730-17329, July 2020.

Grewal J S, Gloe T, Hegedus J, Bitterman K, Billings B K, Chengetanai S, Bentil S, Wang V X, Ng J C, Tang C Y, Geletta S, Wicinski B, Bertelson M, Tendler B C, Mars R B, Aguirre G K, Rusbridge C, Hof P R, Sherwood CC, Manger P R, Spocter M A: Brain gyrification in wild and domestic canids: Has domestication changed the gyrification index in domestic dogs? Journal of Comparative Neurology 528(18): 3209-3228, Jun 2020.

Cooper R F, Aguirre G K, Morgan J I W: Fully Automated Estimation of Spacing and Density for Retinal Mosaics. Translational Vision Science & Technology 8(5): 1-8, Oct 2019.

Kaiser E A, Igdalova A, Aguirre G K, Cucchiara B: A web-based, branching logic questionnaire for the automated classification of migraine. Cephalalgia 39(10): 1257-1266, Sep 2019.

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